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  1. Humblepit

    Dash pics

    Since I started school this semester I haven't been able to see dash, but I saw him this weekend. For those who don't know he's staying with my mom and so far she's taking good care of him. Without further ado... here's Dash!!! Enjoy
  2. Humblepit

    Resting bacon face.

    Can anybody relate? Lol 17 Dogs Who Suffer From Resting Bacon Face
  3. Humblepit

    Humble and Dash. First meet

    Here's a video of Humble and Dash's first meet. Humble is really excited and Dash is chilling. Lol Hopefully I can get humble clam enough where he'll sit next to Dash without being too excited. If anyone would like to share any advice. Feel free. https://vimeo.com/104193373 P.S. I know...
  4. Humblepit

    Driving 6 hours

    One of my childhood friends has to give up his dog. At first he was going to bring him to the shelter. Unsure on who will end up with him and what will their intentions will be. He felt really guilty and wanted peace of mind. So my friend called me up and asked me if I could take him or find a...
  5. Humblepit

    Crazy!! It wasn't their time

    23 Brushes With Death That Will Make You Want To Stay Home For A While
  6. Humblepit

    Buzzfeed: Epic fail! dog edition

    31 Dogs Who Failed So Hard They Won We should combine some of the these post together. Lol
  7. Humblepit

    Sad story about man's best friend

    I saw this on buzzfeed and wanted to share it with you guys. Thoughts? Faithful Dog Guarded The Spot Where His Owner Died For Hours In 100-Degree Heat
  8. Humblepit

    Humble pics

    As requested from Beret and my Pit bull chat family. Pictures of Humble
  9. Humblepit

    Hey! Hey! Hey!

    Hey everyone? It's been a while... I'm usually lurking on instagram lol, but I had to see how is everyone, without instagram (or less active users), doing. The briefing Humble turned 5 years old on 6/21 I finish my first year of college and made the dean's list. (it's never too late) And for the...
  10. Humblepit

    Rant rant rant!!!!!

    I just came back from walking Humble and I see a young woman with her dog. All of a sudden she's getting dragged through the snow by her dog. At this time I'm cooler than a cucumber because Humble met the same dog earlier in the week and everything was good (still cautious). But this time her...
  11. Humblepit

    Car show

    I went to check out the new 2013 models last night and I took a few flix of my favorite whips. Check it out Thanks and enjoy!!! Scion FR-S Subaru BRZ Porsche Lincoln MKZ Acura RLX Nissan GTR Chevrolet Corvette Fisker Karma Bugatti
  12. Humblepit

    New photos of Humble!!!

    Some randoms of Humble. I hope y'all enjoy!!
  13. Humblepit

    This is snow Kamdon.plus Humble. (Heavy) Lol

    SNOWMAGEDDON!! (Just For You Kamdon). Lol Humble: What's all that stuff outside? Me: What stuff? Hold on I'll check... Holy sheep shit!! Me: We're going for a walk anyway, Humble. Humble: Shit!! Okay. Me: Look at this mess!! I hope the morning will be better. Humble: Nope! Not...
  14. Humblepit

    Photos of Humble (heavy)

    Most of these photos are from Instagram. I know i don't post enough photos of Humble, but I'll to post more soon. Thank you and enjoy.
  15. Humblepit

    Humble* VIDEO *

    Here's a quick video of me training Humble. Sorry it's a little dark, but I hope you guys enjoy it. :) Thanks http://youtu.be/4iGOTNx48Gk
  16. Humblepit

    Some Of Humz (light work)

    I know ya'll miss Humble so here's a few for ya'll enjoy!!
  17. Humblepit

    His holiness the Dalai Lama at Syracuse University (pic extremely heavy)

    I went to the One World concert in Syracuse N.Y. at the university on 10-9-12 :biggrin2: Here is the concert lineup: His Holiness The Dalai Lama Hosted by Whoopi Goldberg Don Was and his All-Star Band Dave Matthews Counting Crows Philip Phillips Nas (HE WAS A NO SHOW) A.R. Rahman Andy Grammer...
  18. Humblepit

    Here's one for the Humble Fans (heavy)

    It's been a long time since I posted any pictures of Humble. So Ladies and gentlemen here he is. :D Bonus of Lenny the dragon!! :cool:
  19. Humblepit

    I'm baaacckkk!!!!

    Damn!! I haven't been on PBC for a minute. How's everyone? I've been very busy lately, but didn't for get about my PBC family. I'm moving to Rochester N.Y. in a few months. It's been hard to find an apartment that would except Humble, but I found one. :D Rochester has a bad reputation with the...
  20. Humblepit

    To the people of Chi-town area

    What's good ya'll? My girlfriend received an offer within the Chicago area and if anyone can help me with the nicer affordable neighborhood areas, gas and train prices, grocery prices, parks and recreational areas. It's still up in the air if I go depending on if I can find work or not. Any...