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  1. phbullies

    The UKC Recognizes the American Bully!

    As of July 15th the UKC will recognize the American Bully as their own breed. I believe they are going to transfer papers for those who have Apbt listed on their UKC registration to the American Bully. Single dog applications also available. I hope this is a step in the right direction for this...
  2. phbullies

    Show em who's Boss

    Just wanted to share some pictures of my sbt Cherokeepoint Show em who's Boss. He is 5 months, 14 1/4" and 23lbs. So far he has been a real pleasure to own. Very smart. He's training for the show ring and is doing well. Hope you enjoy the pics.
  3. phbullies

    Meet the new Boss

    Here is my new sbt Cherokeepoint Show em who's Boss. He just turned 5 months old, he is 14 1/4" tall and weighs 23lbs. The baby pictures are him at 8 weeks the others are from yesterday. He is in training for the conformation ring and is doing very well. Hope you enjoy the pictures. The yorkie...
  4. phbullies

    UBKC Gone?

    Anyone notice that the UBKC seems to have gone out of business?
  5. phbullies

    I'm Getting A Staff

    :biggrin2: Hello all on the SBT side of the board! Just writing to let you know I'm about to join your ranks. I've decided to go the staffy route as my way back into the conformation ring. Dog conformation is my favorite hobby and I really could not get into what the bully community had to offer...
  6. phbullies

    UBKC's "Bully in the Mix"

    UBKC's "Bully in the Mix" To all our loyal dog fanciers and lovers out there who have adopted or purchased pet quality bully breeds and mixes, the United Bully Kennel Club is proud to announce the implementation of its new program called “Bully in the Mix”. This new program allows owners of pet...
  7. phbullies

    Remember this guy?

    This is PHP's Helios the blue with brindle pointed male from the Chief x Bubbles litter last year. My has he grown. Another beautiful PowerHaus production if I do say so myself! From pup to PowerHaus : Helios lives on a farm with plenty of room for fun and exercise. His...
  8. phbullies

    More PowerHaus GrandPuppy Pix!!

    Sorry it took so long and that these were taken from my phone, quality could be better. Hope you enjoy them anyway! They're growing fast and all cute as buttons.
  9. phbullies

    UBKC New Bully Standard

    Here is the updated version of the UBKC's new American Bully standard. Notice the "extreme" class has been done away with. If anyone knows how to get this to show without being an attachment, feel free to change it. I'm not puter savvy lol. :p
  10. phbullies

    Midwest Bully Blizzard Expo

    There are 3 ABKC shows in Delavan Wi this weekend. Two saturday and one on sunday. Anyone going? I'm debating.
  11. phbullies

    WarChief is a grandpa x 10 !!

    Tank from our first litter was bred to his owners female Sonya. It was supposed to be Chief but his son beat him to it lol. There are 8 girls and 2 boys! Pups were 3wks last sat I promise to get pix this weekend. Here is a shot of the entire litter at 1wk. Colors are blue and white, some all...
  12. phbullies

    UBKC recognizes the NCBA

    Just to up date everyone the UBKC has put the NCBA on their website with a link under their "Recognized Kennels/Clubs". We are the first to be recognized as such! We are making progress, this is a step in the right direction. Thanks for your support.
  13. phbullies

    Supporting the NCBA

    The success of the NCBA is going to depend on how much support it gets. As of now the budget is in the hole to the tune of $450.00 for the web site. To get shirts made (not shipped) I'm looking at $10.00 a shirt with a minimum of 24 shirts needed to make an order, thats another $240.00. I wanted...
  14. phbullies

    NCBA Seal

    This seal will appear on all NCBA documents e.g. membership cards and certificates, the constitution, code of ethics and By Laws. It will also be on the front of NCBA shirts, hats and hoodies with the logo on the back.
  15. phbullies

    NCBA Update

    The UBKC has contacted me concerning the NCBA, its constitution and code of ethics. The constitution remained unchanged, there were a couple amendments to the code of ethics. They want to add the words "suggest to" and "suggest" in the text where spaying/neutering is mentioned with defects...
  16. phbullies

    NCBA Code of Ethics

    The NCBA Code of Ethics is presented as a guide for members whose aim is the welfare of all dogs. The purpose of these guidelines is to set forth minimum principles to which the NCBA subscribes to. These guidelines are presented with the realization that ethics are difficult to regulate. When in...
  17. phbullies

    NCBA Constitution

    The Constitution of the National Classic Bully Association ARTICLE I...
  18. phbullies

    NCBA supporting the UBKC?

    Here is something to consider. Every breed specific club (ours is type specific) has a registry that they support. Whose standard they accept as the only written standard in their constitution and so on. This is not to say that you could never show your dog in another registry. This is just to...
  19. phbullies

    Any thoughts on the UBKC?

    Hey was wondering if anyone has really checked into the UBKC. They say they are trying to promote a more positive image. Anyone register with them? Just wondering how much different their shows are going to be. With the ABKC and the UBKC both being multi breed registries now, breed specific...
  20. phbullies

    Ch php's warbonnet

    Here are a couple of pictures taken of my girl Bonnie tonight. She (if you don't remember) is our pick of the litter from the first WarChief and Bubbles breeding. A champion in the UKC she finished from the bred by exhibitor class.