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  1. MurphysMom

    Introducing our new pup!

    This is our new girl Miller's Ruby Soho aka Ruby. She is from RDC down in Florida off of their dogs Frisco and Naza. She is extremely affectionate but also generally a crazy APNT puppy. She is a cousin of our older boy Lemmy. Their dams are full sisters. She starts puppy classes this...
  2. MurphysMom

    Ultra running

    Over winter while we were waiting for our pup, I decided that I needed to get serious about exercising for the first time in my adult life. I decided to try Couch to 5k and lo and behold, I developed a love of running. Now I haven't even run in an official 5k until so I have a looong way to...
  3. MurphysMom

    Adult/puppy intros

    Today we brought home our 11 week old female APBT, Ruby. She is the sweetest little thing. Just looking for some suggestions for intros with our 9 year old neutered male APBT, Lemmy. Ruby is our 3rd bull breed dog so we are not inexperienced owners. We have never, however had 2 bull breeds...
  4. MurphysMom

    Craye reccomemdations?

    Any crate recommendations? Want to start gathering supplies for our new pup now before we get her so we don't have to fork over a huge chunk of change at once. Lemmy has a welded wire crate that's a hand me down from my in laws. The thing is well over 10 years old and I don't know where they...
  5. MurphysMom

    Wow ots been a while!

    It's been a minute since I've posted in here. Lemmy is 8 now, I can't believe it! He is starting to get a few white hairs under his chin and it makes me kinda sad. He has turned into an amazing dog. Goofy, friendly, energetic amd very smart. He is great with kids, he loves our 6 year old...
  6. MurphysMom

    Lemmys journey toward CGC starts this summer

    Our trainer is taking some time off this summer. Instead of teachingclasses 4 days a week, she will only he teaching classes 1 day a week and a few Saturdays. This should not he a problem for us. She announced on Tuesday that Tue focus of the entire summer will be to prepare the level 2...
  7. MurphysMom

    Thinking about expanding our household

    So hubs and I are seriously considering adding a 3rd dog. There is a 8 mo old American Bulldog at our shelter that is tempting us. We met him, our 2 haven't yet. He's more of a "Scott type" rather than. JDJ type. The American Bulldog we had before was a Scott. He is obviously going crazy in...
  8. MurphysMom


    I just found out today that Molly our almost 8 y/o lab has hypothyroidism. I was prompted to look into it because of some hair loss she was having down her spine and across her withers. I thought it was allergy related, she's always had problems with ear infections and GI upset (diarrhea) from...
  9. MurphysMom

    Some new stuff I dont like

    Lemmy will be 2 in Nov. Recently hes developed an unease with strange bald men. Not ALL men, just bald ones. At the heach this summer he started barking at MILs cousin when they first met. That night I did some LAT work around him and Gary and by the next night when they came over to play...
  10. MurphysMom

    Who elses dog loves the ocean?

    We just got back from the OBX. All, including the dogs had a fantastic time. I unfortunately didn't get to take them to the beach as much as I wanted because I injured my foot on the second day there (hello inappropriate shoes on the beach LOL). Lemmy LOOOVES the ocean. You have to drag him...
  11. MurphysMom

    Reccomend a kibble

    Both my dogs have allergy issues. Molly considerably less than Lemmy. He gets very itchy, we've been battling recurrant pyoderma for a few months. I have no doubt a lot of it is environmental, he has almost no itchyness in the winter months. The pyoderma started after he was boarded and fed...
  12. MurphysMom

    Thinking seriously about another pup

    I just found out Lemmy's dam is being bred again this fall, will make her second litter. Lemmy is an amazing little guy (at only 37 lbs at 19 mos old. Def takes after his dam in looks and drive. His dam is a catch dog and a damn good one. She's been at it for a year Nd a half, has tracked...
  13. MurphysMom

    Target Training for a dog with poor peripheral vision

    Not about my apbt, but my lab Molly who is 7. We got her from a terribly neglectful situation 6 years ago. She was on a short chain with no shelter and little/no water in the dead of winter up in the mountains. She is not very well bred but has the happy, silly, dumb as a sack of hammers lab...
  14. MurphysMom

    Lemmy's Stillwater collar and leash came today!

    Haven't gotten it on him yet but damn I am impressed. I got the 4 ply 1.5 in collar silver on blue and a 4 ft lead. Both look great and are so sturdy, like nothing I have ever seen. I am used to the petsmart collars and leashes. He's a pretty heavy puller too. No way is he getting outta...
  15. MurphysMom

    Loud machienery in the neighborhood

    Our HOA is doing some updating to the water/sewer system. The majority of the work is happening, oh about 100 yards from our house. I am trying to work with Lemmy outside to reinforce behaviors we learned in class and to focus on me with distraction. Well with all that banging and earth...
  16. MurphysMom

    cheap, healthy training treats?

    We recently started Lemmy with a new trainer who is a pretty hardcore shaper. Reward the behavior you want, ignore the behavior you don't. We've been working on this in the house and damn are we going through a lot of treats. I use the Ziwi Peak venison treats, but those are 20 bucks a bag...
  17. MurphysMom

    Got Lemmy signed up for more training

    Lemmy went thru puppy k and learned the basics but the behaviors need proofing and he needs to learn more focus and self control, so I went to an orientation tonight at a new training place. LOVED the trainer, talked to her for over an hour and decided to sign up. It's all about self control...
  18. MurphysMom

    Dry skin?

    Ever since it has gotten colder and dryer outside I have noticed Lemmys skin has been getting dry. He is on 2 cups/day of Earthborn Great Plains (the bison grain free) neither of them can have chicken. Molly gets yeasty ears and when we had them on Primative Natural (the chicken Earthborn...
  19. MurphysMom


    Anyone else here run with their dog? Lemmy is 9 1/2 mos and we started running the little trails by my house on Mon. We are using our same walking route which is about a mile. I am doing this mostly.for me. I have lost about 10 lbs this summer and still have 8 to go, and I would really like...
  20. MurphysMom

    The APBT weight loss plan

    So I was not a very active person before we got Lemmy AT ALL. I have always been on the slim side, but I will honestly say that I was one of the "skinny fat" out there......slim but totally out of shape. Well having a dog like Lemmy has FORCED me to become more active. He is a nightmare in...