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  1. Cosmic Charlie

    Need Urgent Adive about a Rescued PitBull

    Sorry, you need to accept the fact that you own a bull breed and bull breeds have a genetic disposition towards being dog aggressive. They were selectively bred over many generations in hopes of creating the ultimate fighting dog and even though in the US fighting is illegal, bull dogs still...
  2. Cosmic Charlie

    Growling a lot when playing

    Vocalization is normal and one of my APBT's is VERY vocal and thinks she can talk. This shouldn't be mistaken for aggression. I will say on our mountain, when her prey drive kicks in she will become super vocal as well, but still not to be mistaken for any type of aggression. Obviously, in...
  3. Cosmic Charlie

    Aggressive puppy help

    Obviously you need to stop allowing the dogs to interact and IF you do (you shouldn't!) then you must supervise every second of their interaction. Either way, a DA bull dog will be DA and there's nothing you can do about that. Dog aggression is a genetic trait of bull breed dogs, due to many...
  4. Cosmic Charlie

    Unsure how to exercise my pit bull

    You are going to need to make immediate changes or you will end up with a disastrous situation on your hands. Dog parks and other off leash dog areas are forever OFF LIMITS. That is something common sense should have told you when the dog displayed the first hint of DA. Whatever your reasons...
  5. Cosmic Charlie

    HELP PLEASE with my pit bull and her crate

    You need to work this dog, sounds like it has waaay too much energy with nowhere to burn it. That results in behavioral issues from restlessness. As for the poop, don't feed the dog right before you leave. Try to feed two hours + before you leave and make sure the damn dog uses the bathroom...
  6. Cosmic Charlie

    My 2 year old female Pitt Scarlett is all the sudden acting out ?

    Where to begin... Ok, it doesn't matter if you had this dog from birth or at ten years old, prey drive is a common genetic trait of bull breed dogs. Genetic traits cannot be trained away, meaning they should be managed and accepted as part of the breed you own. Dog aggression is a common genetic...
  7. Cosmic Charlie

    Someone help me please!

    You have good advice here, so follow it. Please do not ever leave your dog with your child unsupervised, even for a moment. You don't know what breed the dog you brought home is and you will never know without having a legitimate pedigree. Regardless, the dog is most definitely a bull breed and...
  8. Cosmic Charlie

    Does my pup look pure bred?

    Many UKC "APBT's" are in fact Am bully/ amstaff. The chances that your dog is an APBT is slim in relation to the dog's color, registry, size etc. With that said, I have no idea in reality and either does anyone else. Post the pedigree and then we can determine the breed of dog based on the...
  9. Cosmic Charlie

    BAD food allergy

    Food allergies can be a pain in the ass and vet bills can add up over time and it will end up costing much more in the long run than tackling the problem at the core now. See there are a number of different types of allergen tests (food/household related) which test the dogs in a variety of...
  10. Cosmic Charlie

    Allergies/Tired of putting him on meds!

    Put it this way, your dog has allergies and until you find the source (may be many sources) the dog will continue to suffer side effects from said allergens. The dog will also require some sort of medication until you figure out the source and cease providing the cause. You really need some...
  11. Cosmic Charlie

    Dog growls towards other dogs

    No, just no "dog beaches" as in off leash areas and no dog parks as opinion off leash parks. You can go to the beach all you want, but I recommend your dog being on leash and attempting to go at odd hours and days in order to avoid people not following the law with their dog off leash in an on...
  12. Cosmic Charlie

    Testicles not descended at 16 weeks

    "Funny" about giving them out means they don't exist. It's fine and there is no problems with that, but when the sire and dam are registered with a reputable and respective registry for the relevant breed if dog you will get the registration form to submit via mail to the registry. Even when the...
  13. Cosmic Charlie

    Play fight or fighting

    No, it doesn't inherently make someone a bad owner, but it certainly makes one irresponsible. You can call it whatever you want. The truth is if you leave your dogs alone (together& uncontained) then you cannot ensure their safety. It doesn't matter if it's for one minute or an hour+ and...
  14. Cosmic Charlie

    My dogs got in a bad fight help !!!!!!!!!

    It's not a scam and apparently you need to find a new vet. Interest is going to be something you will experience a lot of when you cannot afford to pay your bills. Why would someone help you with money (when you don't have any/enough), which is an extremely high risk for the lender and not...
  15. Cosmic Charlie

    My dogs got in a bad fight help !!!!!!!!!

    First of all, there is no logical excuse to leave two (or more) dogs out together when you're not supervising your dogs, especially bull breeds. I would like to believe you learned your lesson, but I'm not so confident. Bull breeds are genetically predisposed to being dog aggressive and if...
  16. Cosmic Charlie

    Play fight or fighting

    I didn't watch the video, but you should be supervising ALL interactions between the two dogs at all times and when you cannot they need to be separated regardless of how they get along. With that said, when they're playing you should intervene as soon as they are getting too into the rough...
  17. Cosmic Charlie

    Adding a Second Puppy

    Many people have multiple bull breeds in one home, but every owner needs to be prepared to separate the dogs for the remainder of their existence if they begin to display DA. Your dogs are young and often DA doesn't show until maturity which is a long ways down the road. Not all dogs display DA...
  18. Cosmic Charlie

    Adding a Second Puppy

    Don't be so confident in your assurance the dog wouldn't have any issues with DA. Just because your dog gets along with other dogs at the moment and hasn't displayed DA traits yet doesn't mean it won't happen in his lifetime. DA can begin to be shown at any point in a dogs life, sometimes...
  19. Cosmic Charlie

    Bully Pit Puppy First Heat...HELLPP!! Plus cpl other Q's

    Yeast infection or UTI is my guess and most likely the former. The bad breath is because her vagina most likely has an infection which will generate smell that will carry over to her mouth when she attempts to clean herself. Get some wipes from a feed store or pet store that are "medicated" to...
  20. Cosmic Charlie

    I don't know what to do

    No, I suggest you read through what other members said and learning why your posts are not factual. Some points are great and others are misinformed. I won't sit here correcting you in someone else's thread, especially when the reasons why you're wrong are all over this forum and basically...