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  1. Beret

    Thinking about getting a Staffordshire Bull Terrier

    Kit, feel free PM me. I've spent the better part of a year wading through the breeders in the US and am currently waiting on an upcoming litter.
  2. Beret

    Agression towards dogs at 10 weeks old?

    While you absolutely should be aware that these dogs tend to be dog aggressive, and stay cautious and diligent... At 10 weeks, and without me knowing or seeing the situation firsthand, are you so sure that what you're seeing isn't just rude puppy play behavior? If you haven't been around these...
  3. Beret

    Peeing in bed at 18wks

    And if your crating setup IS appropriately configured as above, it would be worth a chat with your vet. It's not so uncommon for young puppies to develop UTIs, which can present as incontinence.
  4. Beret

    Exercising Reactive Dogs

    Are you actively working on the reactivity? It may behoove you to take advantage of the more populated areas where off-leash dogs aren't such an issue to really put in some legwork and hit the ground with a lot of counterconditioning and focus work. While not an all-out substitute for hard runs...
  5. Beret

    Holiday Season Garp

    Awww, thanks everyone!
  6. Beret

    Holiday Season Garp

    Hahaha YES! And I don't know how it happened either?! I try not to think about it too much, but he's doing wonderfully. Hope all is well with Frankie! Teehehhe.. Thank you!
  7. Beret

    Holiday Season Garp

    Heyyo! Just a couple of new Garp photos from this holiday season - With a special appearance by Sasha the GSD, and token obnoxious little sister. G turned 5 this year, which still blows my mind. Enjoy!
  8. Beret

    What is the difference between selective and reactive?

    Reactivity and selectivity are like apples and oranges. They're both fruit and can both be in the same bowl, but they're not necessarily just variants of each other. Reactivity has to do with how a dog reacts to certain stimuli, whereas selectivity is more of a dog's predisposition toward...
  9. Beret

    Garp updates!

    No. I can;t make Claremont, I have 12 bajillion weddings to go to between now and the end of the summer but... Garp will be there with another handler! And I totally remember ogling your dogs now hahaha
  10. Beret

    Garp updates!

    Awesome! Which trial? He finished his Senior title in Iowa, I sent him down with a friend to handle and I handled him at Bales & Tails a couple weeks ago.
  11. Beret

    Opinions on Victor dog food...

    I feed it and love it. I use either the HI Pro Plus or the Performance formula. I use the grain inclusive versions. My dog does much better on it than he did on Fromm Grain Free
  12. Beret

    New Pit/Bull breed mix owner - advice and DA

    Oh, she’s super cute! I’m a sport person, and Garp can be tricky. He’s extremely intolerant of males, gets along swimmingly with females, and tends to be very tightly wound in high-stress venues. We do agility among others, and I made sure we had a very reliable recall before we started any...
  13. Beret

    Garp updates!

    Yeah, Medina.
  14. Beret

    Garp updates!

    Thanks so much, guys. He rocks. LOL well, like 7 houses went up for sale in our development in the weeks after I moved in permanently. Garp's feelings are only a little hurt. Now's your chance!
  15. Beret


    I use[d] an ecollar. Still brush up with it from time to time but, used correctly and on the right dog, it can be a great tool to utilize. I have a SportDog 425 and a Mini Educator. We've developed a bombproof recall and used it to refine those fleeting moments when the dogs likes to pretend he...
  16. Beret

    Garp updates!

    Hi all! Garp is still happy as ever being the best damn dog I could ever ask for. After a 6 month or so hiatus from dog sports, he finished his Barn Hunt Senior title and we're starting at a new agility club working toward his UAGII. He's still great with his sister, and is perfectly content...
  17. Beret

    Bullyflop CC Website is up and running!

    Thank you! That's not really in the cards at this time. Probably just sticking to collars for a while, if not indefinitely. Thank you!
  18. Beret

    Gorilla Chews "Solid wood dog chew" Safe?????

    I have a giant Himalayan wood chew from Chuck and Dons. I don't remember if it was Ruff Roots, or another company. It was like $35 and I was hesitant at first but... It kinda rocks. Despite that fact that it's literally just an over priced chunk of wood. It has lasted forever so with both the...
  19. Beret

    Bullyflop CC Website is up and running!

    And a couple photos as well...