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  1. Cosmic Charlie

    Stormy Days

    Here's a few pics of Molly and Shaka. I'll add a few more as I sort through the camera.
  2. Cosmic Charlie

    Custom parasite protection

    I just wanted to share this awesome way to receive and dose parasite protection for your dogs. You can make any medication or combination thereof into a flavored tablet or capsule form. They are surprisingly affordable when using a compounding pharmacy. I decided to do away with trifexis which...
  3. Cosmic Charlie

    Ready, set, TUG!

    I was playing around with the cameras earlier in the week and decided to post a few pictures. Also I built a new spring pole the dogs which they enjoy. I will add pictures here as I sort through all them. Does anyone have any recommendations for uploading pictures and preserving quality. Some of...
  4. Cosmic Charlie

    Action Shots!

    Sorry for the bad lighting. I have a few hundred pictures to go through, so I will add them as I sort through them. Enjoy! "Look I can do handstands!"
  5. Cosmic Charlie

    Keep your eye on the ball

    Molly's been hurt recently and on her way to being healed. This uploads mostly Shaka.
  6. Cosmic Charlie

    Lure Coursing

    I have a new Lure Course Machine coming and I probably should have asked if anyone has experience with some of the upper end machines. Whether it is home use or event use i am curious to here any comments people have on wicked's machines. I am sure the machine will be amazing but, I am getting...
  7. Cosmic Charlie

    Chicken Quarters

    I am just curious about what everyone here pays for chicken quarters on average. My local store is selling bulk meats for the holidays and I am thinking about grabbing some more cases. Usually, I need to drive over an hour to get food as we are in a rural area with the one market being very...
  8. Cosmic Charlie

    Action Shots of Molly and Shaka (Flirt pole and quad chasing)

    Just some action shot's of Molly and Shaka's favorite activities. [
  9. Cosmic Charlie

    Shaka and Molly

    The camera was having some technical problems recently. But, I finally got it back and running. We took lot's of pictures the other day, making sure the camera is working again. Although I haven't uploaded the majority of them, I decided to post the first few. I will update with other pictures...
  10. Cosmic Charlie

    Rattlesnake bites

    Hey guys, I was wondering who here has dealt with rattlesnakes and rattlesnake bites? Molly AND Shaka both got bit yesterday and man was that stressful. It would not of been such a stressful incident if the local vet was open. Since we live very rurally in the mountains the closest vet that is...
  11. Cosmic Charlie

    Dirty Dirty Dog's

    After a few hours of chasing me on the quad Molly and Shaka were just about ready to pass out. But, they were covered in mud and looked so content and cute. So I thought to snap a few pictures of them. Since we moved to our new house and I purchased a new quad, Shaka and Molly can't get enough...
  12. Cosmic Charlie

    Another day on the mountain

    Here's a quick upload from some flirt pole and quad chasing.
  13. Cosmic Charlie

    Cuddling, flirt pole, quad chasing and more... LOT'S OF PICTURES !!

    Shaka was very excited to get her stitches out after two weeks. She was stoked to play with the flirt pole again. Here's LOT'S of pictures of Shaka, Molly, Jerry and Trip may be in there somewhere. Enjoy! :dance2:
  14. Cosmic Charlie

    More Shaka and Molly

    Puppy form VS Adult form
  15. Cosmic Charlie

    Photo dump from the past couple of weeks! :-)

    Shaka Molly Jerry, Molly, Shaka Molly and shaka Guarding the yard from bears and deer! Wrestling time! Little Jerry beating up shaka!
  16. Cosmic Charlie

    Another wondeful day in the mountains (massive photo dump)

    We had a little break in the weather and decided to whip the camera out. Here ya go :grin:
  17. Cosmic Charlie

    A few of the pups and some Flirt pole pictures

    Haven't posted alot of pictures since I moved, as I have been really busy. But, the dogs have all settled in to their new mountain home. They love having lots of land to run around and wild animals to chase away. [
  18. Cosmic Charlie

    A few pictures from the mountains

    Theses are some pictures from the day after thanksgiving. There were some low altitude clouds making the lighting interesting. Heres the shots
  19. Cosmic Charlie

    Small batch raw dog food

    Has anyone tried small batch raw dog food? I picked up a few varieties at my new vet today. They carry multiple ice chest's with raw meat and all the varieties of small batch dog food. I ended up getting the lamb blend which includes lamb muscle meat, bones and lamb hearts. I also picked up a...
  20. Cosmic Charlie

    Shaka & Molly Photo shoot at the new house!

    Shaka & Molly Photo shoot at the new house! I haven't been on in a week or two due to moving into my new house. Decided to snap a few pictures since I got the internet up and running. Sorry if they came out a little blurry, something was funky with my lens today.