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  1. Beret

    Holiday Season Garp

    Heyyo! Just a couple of new Garp photos from this holiday season - With a special appearance by Sasha the GSD, and token obnoxious little sister. G turned 5 this year, which still blows my mind. Enjoy!
  2. Beret

    Garp updates!

    Hi all! Garp is still happy as ever being the best damn dog I could ever ask for. After a 6 month or so hiatus from dog sports, he finished his Barn Hunt Senior title and we're starting at a new agility club working toward his UAGII. He's still great with his sister, and is perfectly content...
  3. Beret

    Bullyflop CC Website is up and running!

    It has been a lot of work and a labor of love, blood, and tears, but I finally have a functional (ahem, for the most part) website. I would be honored if you checked it out here! --> Home If you aren't familiar, Bullyflop Crafted Collars was my little pet project that has grown and flourished...
  4. Beret

    More of Garp

    He flies. Enjoy!
  5. Beret

    Garp, etc

    Garp and Sasha. Garp's 4th gotcha day came and went this October. He has taken to the suburbs and the baby GSD quite nicely. Basically, 4 is a really good age for him and besides being the most handsome thing you've ever seen, he's also the most perfect dog ever.
  6. Beret

    First Agility Weekend

    We had our first agility trial weekend, and I am so proud. Garp went 3/4 with scores of 197, 198, and 199 to earn his UAGI. So happy! We almost have his weaves down, so next trial he'll be running AGII and AGI-B :) UAGI USJ The World According to Garp CA RATI RATO DS
  7. Beret

    2nd time on channel weaves

    We've been working weaves outside of our normal agility class because... They're hard and they're fun. Anyways, we introduced them to the dogs last week for the first time. This is Garp's 2nd week/session on weaves, I think the channels were at 3-4" off the center here. He's moving slow, but...
  8. Beret

    July 4th in the Northwoods

    We escaped the city this 4th and headed up north. Garp got to roam 80+ acres of unfettered, private northern forest about 10 miles across the water from the BWCA. We had a blast, and for an extremely firework-sensitive dog, this was a very welcome reprieve from the chaos and stress that we would...
  9. Beret

    All grown up!

    Garp is having a pretty good summer, by his own account. And he gets to go back and keep working on his Senior barn hunt title this weekend, and then starts agility next week. And dock diving season really ramps up next month. He's only a handful of points away from his USJCH and I finally...
  10. Beret

    Dog stank in the car.

    Anyone know of any good car air freshener things that help neutralize dog smell? I would prefer to not ride around with the lingering odor of Garp fart, but all 3 odor things I've tried are almost worse. Tried two "new car" vent clips and they just smell like gummy bears and candy puke... And...
  11. Beret

    Minneapolis in Janaury

    This was the first Saturday afternoon I've had free in a LONG time. So naturally, it was time to resume a favorite activity: walking around the city making Garp sit in front of things. Bonus points if you can guess what's in the background here...
  12. Beret

    Fabulous Weekend

    We were in Novi over the long weekend for an AKC cluster, and had a wonderful time. Garp worked his ass off for me all weekend. We jumped with NADD for the first (and last) time, and started and finished his DS title. He also finished his RATI and RATN over the weekend and started working toward...
  13. Beret

    Sighthound in Disguise

    A few more of the crazy bullmutt mowing down plastic bags with the best of 'em. He finished leg 6 of 10 toward his CAA title.
  14. Beret

    Some new Garp

    My friend needed to test out a couple things on his work camera, so I offered him the use of the best test subject in town ;) Some new pictures of Garp doing absolutely nothing except bumming around looking cute:
  15. Beret

    I did it!

    So, I set out to learn how to make leather collars. After lusting at various carved collars, I promised myself I'd learn to make them before I could buy another. Today, I finished my first! It's far from perfect, and every time I look at a different angle I see something wrong... But I worked...
  16. Beret

    Ending on a high note

    Had our last dock jumping comp of the season this weekend, and Garp seriously worked it. Set a new personal best of 21' and consistently hit over 20' every jump, caught the bumper twice (first time EVER getting a catch in competition), and took 3rd in Masters. So I'm pretty proud of this...
  17. Beret

    Youth handler fun jump

    At our last comp, my friend's awesome 9 year old daughter handled Garp for 2 fun jumps. She's super dog savvy and handled him like a pro up there, and he can be difficult. Content Not Found You can see me right there on the exit ramp supervising the whole time. It was a lot of fun seeing them...
  18. Beret

    Happy birthday, G.

    Garp is 3 today! And clearly thrilled.
  19. Beret

    SRS Sioux Falls: 1 year of madness

    I already posted a lot of this mushy parade of FB, but I'm still glowing so... Garp and I jumped SRS again this weekend in Sioux Falls. This event was the 1 year anniversary to the day of his very first dock jumping competition, so it was a pretty special weekend for us. One year ago, Garp...
  20. Beret

    Static Stretching

    I know there is a lot of contention and debate in the medical community about static stretches and the human athlete. However, when it comes to stretching the canine athlete... It seems that the debate about stretching and performance hasn't crossed over (yet?) I see a lot of dogs being...