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  1. BlueBaloo

    Gouda and the Meesh

    Long time no see! Gouda is the dog we're fostering. He's deaf so it can be hard to get good pictures of him. Him and Meesha... kind of get along. He loves her much more than she loves him. She really just tolerates his existence. It might be that him being deaf is frustrating and she doesn't...
  2. BlueBaloo

    Foster dog structure concerns

    So we are fostering this poor dog, around 1.5 years old, mostly deaf, and seems to have some structural issues and I'm wondering if there's anything we could be doing to help. Glucosamine? More/less exercise? He's a very mellow dog. He had heartworms and they said that the treatment took a lot...
  3. BlueBaloo

    Meesha Update

    Haven't been on much recently but I figured I'd give an update. Meesha is doing well, we're settling in and we may be starting a little fostering soon! Which I'm pretty excited about.. Thanks for looking!
  4. BlueBaloo

    Meesha Update

    So Meesha is finally recovering from her surgery. She lost about 15 pounds in post-op and she didn't have much to lose before that. So for a while she's been skeletor because she still couldn't handle much food at once. And I think her meds made her nauseous. :yuck: But she's almost got it all...
  5. BlueBaloo

    Ugh. Blockage.

    So I guess we get to join the blockage club. Meesha must have thought we were doing too much Christmas shopping. So we came home to this: What sucks is that right before we left I thought that maybe she was a little too hyper to be left out of her crate, but she never chews anything so we just...
  6. BlueBaloo

    Just a bunch of derp shots

    I gave the flirt pole I made for Baloo to my mom for her dog and I keep meaning to make one for Meesha, but there isn't a feed n' seed around here to get lunge ropes at but I was getting stuff on Amazon and Kong has a flirt pole for 10 bucks. I won't recommend it because the attachment to the...
  7. BlueBaloo

    Nasty Ears (gross pics)

    Okay, so when we first got Meesha she had lots of allergy issues. These manifested themselves in hives, nasty ears, nasty breath, lots of itching. Through trial and error we found she had a grain allergy. She's currently eating Acana Wild Prairie. Since switching, all of those past issues...
  8. BlueBaloo

    Defeat of the water demon

    Please pay no mind to the yard. The weeds here are awful and we've been having mower issues. Can you believe we mowed just a little over a week ago? They're awful. And I blame them for gumming up the mower. Anyways, Meesha does not understand the sprinkler and why the water attacks her. Thought...
  9. BlueBaloo

    Training for Therapy Dog

    I wanted to start this thread as motivation to keep myself accountable and to maybe help others that want to get their dog certified as a Therapy Dog. I think Meesha might be a pretty great therapy dog. She seems to read people very well and doesn't know a stranger. She generally gets along...
  10. BlueBaloo

    Some new ones of Meesha

    Her fur is finally looking better and growing back after her allergy issues. Like I tell everyone else, she's not skinny, it's those boxer ribs that stick out so much... but she did drop a pound or so when it cooled off and we played outside a lot more and I didn't up her food to match. But she...
  11. BlueBaloo

    How do you NOT have a million dogs?

    Sometimes I think that if I were single, and had no one to hold me back, I would have at least 12 dogs by now. Went to get Meesha some food at a pet store and there was a border collie/ sheltie(maybe) looking cross. Pitch black. I love black dogs. And DH and I have always wanted a potential...
  12. BlueBaloo

    Smelly Dog

    I cannot figure out why Meesha smells. She has a dirty, musty, gross smell about her that doesn't seem to go away. She had yeasty ears and I thought that was the source but now her ears are sparkly clean and smell completely normal but the smell remains. Her breath is rank, and has been since...
  13. BlueBaloo

    New ones of Meesha

    Here are some new pictures of Meesha. I'm really sure theres something fuzzy on my camera's sensor. I thought maybe it was condensation in some earlier pictures, but it's still there. Just slightly noticable when the pictures get blown up. Also, Meesha's ears are kinda yeasty. I keep having to...
  14. BlueBaloo


    So I took Meesha to her first vet appt yesterday. I just had to get heartworm checked and purchase preventative and he looked at her allergies. Well the vet talked me into giving her ProHeart which is a 6 month injectable heartworm preventative. It was much more affordable and easier to...
  15. BlueBaloo

    Here's Meesha

    So we decided to just keep the name Meesha. She just didn't do great trying to learn a new one and we kept calling her Meesha on accident. Maybe it would have been easier if she just didn't have a name before. Oh well. We are getting to know each other pretty well and I think we have decided...
  16. BlueBaloo

    New addition to the family!

    So we got approved for Meesha and so now she stays here for a week or so to make sure everyone meshes well until it's final. So here she is. She's labeled as a pit bull but I think otherwise. You can't see in these pictures, but she's got a little nub tail from her happy tail and it's all healed...
  17. BlueBaloo

    Update! Wedding pics and possible new dog!

    Hey guys! I haven't been so active on here lately. Graduated, got married, and bought a house all within 2 weeks! Whew. Still recovering. Haha. Wanna see some wedding pictures?? My parents Haha sorry, I loved my wedding!! Also, my husband really fell in love with the dog my parents...
  18. BlueBaloo

    My parents have fallen...

    For the bully breeds! It's pitiful really. Ever since Baloo has been gone, my mom will send me pictures of dogs on craigslist that look like him and they have told me stories about how they basically pounce on anyone walking a pit bull and have to pet it and annoy the owners. These are the same...
  19. BlueBaloo

    Uh-Oh Quick Question

    So I just got home to see my roommate's dog (Boston Terrier) got into the pantry and ate a whole loaf of bread. This is the type of bread: I ran home around 1:45 and did not see anything so I'm guessing she ate it between then and 3:30. That's a whole lot of fiber for such a small dog. My...
  20. BlueBaloo

    Buying First House!

    Soooooo my fiance and I are making an offer on a house tomorrow and I'm freaking out! I thought I'd vent here. Both sets of parents know that we are thinking about buying, but neither know that we're actually going to make an offer. No one but us, our real estate agent, and our lender know. But...