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Search results

  1. charliewat

    Broken Toe

    Brooklyn broke her pinky toe on her front leg. The vet said he couldn't splint it, all i really heard was Blah Blah Blah Broken Toe. She's on some meds for swelling and pain and her activity is restricted (no, running, jumping, walking) for what could be the next 6 weeks. Anyone have any...
  2. charliewat

    How Cold is Too Cold?

    At what temp is it to cold for our pups to go out for walks? Do jackets really help?
  3. charliewat

    Does this Sound Like a Food Allergy?

    I've been feeding my 10 month old Evo Red Meat for about 5 months and before that she ate Orijen fish. I switched her off the Orijen fish because I thought maybe she was allergic to the shell fish in it. She had red fur between her pads leading me to think she was licking them like crazy...
  4. charliewat

    100% better then Pedipaw

    Picked this up from a local shop for 12 bucks and its a lot quieter then the pedipaw and didn't stop spinning when a little pressure was applied...just thought I'd share.
  5. charliewat

    Whats the Better Supplement????

    NUPRO All Natural Dog Supplement or Solid Gold Seameal
  6. charliewat

    Any opinions on this winter coat?

    Something i'm considering and would appreciate any thoughts. We get a ton of snow(normally) in the winter and would still like to walk my pup and or take her out to run around in the snow. K9 Top Coat Arctic Fleece Bodysuit
  7. charliewat

    Brooklyn's Logo!!!

    my ex did this for me...Im not from New York but my pups name is Brooklyn so it is what it is
  8. charliewat

    Brooklyn Then and Now

    Brooklyn @ 3 months Brooklyn now @ 9 months... My puppy is broken, she got big :-(
  9. charliewat

    Homemade Raised Feeder

    Blue Storage box was at Target for $7 Bowls were $7 each at Petsmart
  10. charliewat

    What are the Most Impressive AmBullies You Know Of?

    I like the big bullies when they don't look fat or excessively bow legged. What are the most impressive any of you have seen?
  11. charliewat

    Does Something Look Wrong???

    Everytime my pup wakes up she has a nasty eye booger like this one :yuck:. It just started now that its warm so does anyone think this is odd or am I worrying to much?
  12. charliewat

    Any Chance Orijen is bad for my dog?

    Maybe Im way off, but my pup doesn't seem to be gaining any weight since I switched her to Orijen Large Breed Puppy. She doesn't look skinny but shouldn't she gain more then a pound per week at 12-15 weeks? She has only gained 10lbs in 7 weeks! Her mother was 85lbs and father 75-80. She was...
  13. charliewat

    Brooklyn's First youtube Video

    10 weeks old @ 13lbs. YouTube - Brooklyn, My 10 week old American Pitbull Terrier
  14. charliewat

    Hello Everyone

    Hello, my name is Charles and I'm the proud owner of a 12 week old pup named Miley. Can't wait to post pics of her. I definatley need the help of people with experience so I can raise her the best way possible.