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  1. JShumate

    Parkour Dog

    That's really cool, imagine what that dog could do if he wasn't so let's say chubby, fat might be going a little far
  2. JShumate

    Heart of Dixie APBT Club (Alabama)

    Great brindlex, hey joe you should get it today I personally was busy last night and didn't get a chance to do it but it will be there today sorry
  3. JShumate

    Heart of Dixie APBT Club (Alabama)

    Great brindlex, hey joe you should get it today I personally was busy last night and didn't get a chance to do it but it will be there today sorry
  4. JShumate

    Heart of Dixie APBT Club (Alabama)

    Come on doggers let's get this going!!!
  5. JShumate

    Heart of Dixie APBT Club (Alabama)

    Thanks joe And thank you brindlex I had forgot to mention we will have forms with us this weekend just bring the old check book or money order and you shall be a member lol!!!
  6. JShumate

    Heart of Dixie APBT Club (Alabama)

    Not that many but it defiantly takes a few, but you can email the club at heartofdixieapbt@gmail.com and we will email you a membership form and then just mail it in.
  7. JShumate

    Heart of Dixie APBT Club (Alabama)

    The club stands for showing the American pit bull terrier in appositive light and having fun with the breed we all love by hosting adba sanctioned points shows in alabama, the club will be adba sanctioned. You should choose our club because it's the coolest lol, na I'm joking I'm not saying you...
  8. JShumate

    Heart of Dixie APBT Club (Alabama)

    You don't have to live in Alabama to be a member and support the club we would still love to have you as a member
  9. JShumate

    Heart of Dixie APBT Club (Alabama)

    Alabama is starting its adba sanctioned club we are hoping to have this kicked off ASAP we need member's and support from the dog community. Memberships are $20 a single and $30 a family email the club at heartofdixieapbt@gmail.com for more info and a membership form!! Thanks in advance for all...
  10. JShumate

    Post: June 2012 Males

    JShumate's Ricky Bobby
  11. JShumate

    Post: May 2012 Males

    Jshumate's emmit hucklebuck
  12. JShumate

    Chipley, FL: Conformation/Weight pull 3/31 thru 4/1/2012

    Excited about this we will be there ---------- Post added at 10:54 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:53 AM ---------- Hope you and oj can make it Vicki
  13. JShumate

    So glad I decided to keep her ears natural!!

    SHe looks ALOT like my Ricky Bobby
  14. JShumate

    Mila UPDATE!!!

  15. JShumate

    Is Pitbull the right dog for me?

    No don't get this breed it's defiantly not for you Get a yorkie, jmo ---------- Post added at 01:32 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:30 AM ---------- Jst because they have a bad rap does not mean you need one take your own advice you answered your own question it's not for you
  16. JShumate

    bert sorrells and tatonka kennels

    Dude why would you say that your gay, my buddy dd down in fla loves it he swears by it but that ain't saying much he ain't real smart
  17. JShumate

    Help me find a Bully!

    Is it jst me or did the op say he wanted a bully I didn't see nothing about a bull terrier maybe I missed it, op I am in north Alabama also and I know a guy or two who sell am. Bullies but they ain't from no rescue I can't help ya with the rescue sorry but if you want an am.bully p.m me I would...
  18. JShumate

    StillWater Collar

    is this the green/black five prong collar?? 1.5 show if I'm not mistaken
  19. JShumate

    I have a tough choice to make about Serenity

    Op do the right thing there is no place for a dog that will bite a human it's the right thing put the dog down Now as for lovepup your freaking retarded for trying to get this person to give the dog a chance the dog has had it's chance at life and it blew it, once the dog bite a human that was...