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  1. Sagebrush

    ADBA shows?

    I am wondering what the deal is with no ADBA shows. Just checked the website and other than the annual convention, there are no shows listed anywhere. Is it the website or is this a thing with ADBA? I don't compete ADBA, but keep an eye on where they are because i have some stuff to sell and...
  2. Sagebrush

    Sagebrush Tacoma Tiger Mike

    My boy Mikey (UKC Ch. Sagebrush Tacoma Danni x Esoteric's Tacoma Tipsy) - about a year old here.
  3. Sagebrush

    The Lesson of Spindletop

    If ever there was a reputable, well-known Pit Bull "rescue", it was Spindletop. Learn the lesson.....DON'T trust - VERIFY. I grieve for the dogs that ended up there.... https://www.animalsheltering.org/magazine/articles/what-happened-spindletop
  4. Sagebrush

    Breeding carriers

  5. Sagebrush

    On gastric ulcers in hard-working dogs...

  6. Sagebrush

    "Dog Coat Color Genetics"

    Really good site explaining coat color with lots of pictures.
  7. Sagebrush

    Somebody gets it about this abuse.....

  8. Sagebrush

    Look at these lucky, unrecognizable shelter mutts!

  9. Sagebrush

    More education needed in performance world...

    Mis-represented again! All rescues, and look what they these unrecognizable mutts! More education needed.
  10. Sagebrush

    Police need educating...

  11. Sagebrush

    "Deformed Dogs and Breed Standards"

    I thought this was an interesting article about the exaggerations/deformities which plague many dog breeds. It seems to propose a solution, but I'm not so sure I agree that it will do any good....what say you? "If the dog registries and breed clubs were to engage in true breed education, the...
  12. Sagebrush

    "the bully breed"

    I would like to hear from others that use this term ("the bully breed") just what you are saying when you use it. Not trying to be antagonistic, I am truly curious. Maybe there is another way to say what you mean as the term is confusing and makes no sense.
  13. Sagebrush

    Questions about posts

    It used to be when one of my posts was taken down, I got a notice stating that it was and why. I kind of appreciated that, but it no longer happens. Is the policy changed? Another thing -- I have had even THESE "feedback and suggestion" posts taken down. If this is not the place to ask these...
  14. Sagebrush

    Diet Shaped Dog Domestication (article)

    Diet Shaped Dog Domestication | Science/AAAS | News Diet Shaped Dog Domestication by Elizabeth Pennisi on 23 January 2013 Fido may prefer steak, but his digestive system is also geared up for rice and potatoes. That's the conclusion of a new study, which finds that dogs have evolved to eat a...
  15. Sagebrush

    Nurse dogs

    Anyone have one of these? I have a female who takes it upon herself to keep everyone clean. It actually comes in kinda handy when I have dogs that have scuffles, and get a couple of puncture wounds in places they can't reach at all. For example, one of my dogs got bit up around his ears --...
  16. Sagebrush

    The "Bully" Section II

    The "Bully" Section II I was just wondering, WHY was the "American Bully" section added? Wasn't it supposed to be THE place where "American Bully" discussion took place? That is ALL I'm asking; since "bully" discussion cannot be eliminated from the Board, just keep it THERE! Isn't that it's...
  17. Sagebrush

    The "Bully" Section

    The "Bully" Section Everyone knows I was against the "Bully" forum from the beginning. I would like to request again that it be done away with. If it CAN'T be, PLEASE, the first time anyone come on with a question, comment, etc that mentions "bully" can they be put "over there"? Carla
  18. Sagebrush

    The "BullyMax" dog.

    The "BullyMax" dog. How long do we have to look at that ad? The dog that looks unhealthy with his flabby, pinkish lips and eyes. AND, it has NO TEETH! The dog looks like sculpted LARD! Why would anyone buy what is being advertised, which is a health supplement, I believe... The dog looks...
  19. Sagebrush

    How Dogs are Different

    I thought this was pretty cute and full of some truths! HOW DOGS ARE DIFFERENT First, let’s understand the vernacular. People who cater to the whims and weirdness of a cat are not “owners.†They are indulgent caregivers, willing servants, but owners? Never! Even the court system...
  20. Sagebrush

    VHS to DVD

    Like many of you, I have several old VHS tapes that I've got to get converted to DVDs.... Apparently, there are a couple of ways I can do this -- send them off to a lab and have them do it or get software and do it myself..I have a Mac and I understand they are pretty good at doing this kind...