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  1. dalvers63

    help bobo has house training issues

    When the pup goes outside but doesn't potty, the OP brings him back inside and puts him in his crate instead of letting him run around the house and have an accident. He then takes the pup back out every 10 min or so until the potty happens. OP, sounds like you're doing a good job, keep it up!
  2. dalvers63


    When we got our Great Dane puppy we knew that as an adult jumping was never going to be a good idea. Because of this he was never allowed to greet people that way. From the time he was 8 weeks old he was taught to sit before being pet. If you start out and NEVER let them jump on people it is...
  3. dalvers63


    If he is drinking all the time I wouldn't consider it normal and would get him checked by a vet. There are quite a few medical issues that have symptoms of excessive water intake. When you say massive amounts, how much is he drinking? Cups, quarts, gallons?
  4. dalvers63

    THE Rant Thread

    Oh Kayla, I'm so sorry to read about Riddle! Boxie just turned 3 and I know how I'd feel if he was in the same situation. I hope you still get some good quality time with your boy.
  5. dalvers63

    Help with my pup

    Frequent bathing can easily contribute to skin problems as it drys out the hair and coat as Unoriginal said. My dogs MIGHT get one bath a year if needed. You could try a different protein and see if that helps. Our guys did best on the fish (Pacific Stream) variety.
  6. dalvers63

    Parvo Pup Worries

    Your yard will be fine. I'd still take him places since the time between 8-12 weeks is highly formative. Just don't let him walk on the ground and don't put him on the floor in places where other dogs frequent. We did this with our puppy and it was VERY helpful in his early socialization with...
  7. dalvers63

    New Dog Update

    He's adorable! I love his structure and he seems like just a great little pup. Can't wait to see him grow up and start working for you!
  8. dalvers63


    His ears will change while he grows. From the look of his right ear it looks like he might end up with bat ears which IMO is super cute :-)
  9. dalvers63


    Awesome! Congrats on all you've done together!
  10. dalvers63

    List of non-safe-or safe- raw meats?

    Unless you have small dogs, Beatrix is right - a chicken wing would be gone in seconds. I know my dogs wouldn't even bother to chew them they'd just swallow.
  11. dalvers63

    feeding time

    All 3 of our dogs are fed separately to avoid fights. Two are fed in the crates and one gets his dinner in the kitchen. You also will know who is eating how much by feeding them separately.
  12. dalvers63


    Jet whines when he wants something (like to go to bed in the bedroom) and we're not moving fast enough for him. Best thing to do if you know your pup isn't in distress is to ignore it if you can. Giving him attention will only work to assure him that whining is a way to get what he wants :-) We...
  13. dalvers63

    Fetch: Dog drops ball too early

    You could try what we did with our border collie mix when she would drop her ball early. Since you know Easton can and will bring the ball to you, when he drops it too far away tell him to get it like you have been and see if he brings it to you. If he doesn't (and I assume he REALLY likes...
  14. dalvers63

    Pure bred pit?

    Very cute puppy! The first thing I thought when I saw her picture was an American Bully mix. Between the color and the general shape/size of the pup it just gives me that impression. In the end, you have a dog of unknown lineage. I'd call her a bull breed mix, an AmStaff mix, or a AmBully mix...
  15. dalvers63

    Important Question

    There is a big difference between educating someone and berating them for ignorance. While neither may change anyone's mind, the latter is SURE to have them think that, as Lilliana mentioned, all bull breed owners are rude assholes. If you can't do anything but perpetuate that stereotype then...
  16. dalvers63

    A few questions about puppy training

    You have a baby and while it is good that you're starting training, I feel you are taking it a bit too fast. I'd stop taking her for walks until she's gotten her full set of shots. Parvo is a real danger where other dogs have been. Work on leash walking in the house. Check out "Silky Leash"...
  17. dalvers63

    Looking for a little advice...

    I would also suggest limiting dog interactions AND walks where dogs frequent until he has a full series of puppy shots. Parvo is a real danger and until he's completely protected you don't want to expose him to possible infection. Good luck with your pup. He's adorable!
  18. dalvers63

    Health issue with puppy

    Since you have a Costco to go to, you might want to check out their Nature's Domain brand. It's made by Diamond and is almost the exact same recipe as TotW. It's an all life stages food so is fine for puppies and adults. All of our dogs do great on it. Good luck with your pup!
  19. dalvers63

    I need advice

    Yep, easiest way to correct this is to feed them separately. We feed all of our dogs in their crates. They get 10-15 minutes to eat and then the food is picked up. If they don't eat then they go hungry until the next meal time. Same thing for the urinating in the house. Treat her like a puppy...
  20. dalvers63

    Aaaand, the puppy is TOO smart. (AKA a smart-A##)

    I'm with Beatrix. If he isn't eating the old food just switch him over. All dogs are different and some handle it just fine. Mine never mind a switch of food. At the most there might be some loose stool for a day but that's it.