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  1. brindle

    Paw Print Genetics Xmas sale 50% off tests

    The Paw Print Genetics company has a Christmas special sale right now. This can be useful to breeders and to those with younger dogs to find out more about what genetic health issues your dogs may have. Even if you do not breed, the tests can show problems which could affect your dog's health...
  2. brindle

    Seresto collar for fleas & ticks?

    Has anyone tried the Seresto collar for preventing fleas and ticks? I was at the vet today to get my pup's rabies shot and they highly recommended the Seresto collar and said it works really well to kill and repel both fleas and ticks for 8 months...
  3. brindle

    Stevens book Dogs of Velvet & Steel NEW for $45

    Stevens book Dogs of Velvet & Steel NEW for $45 The book Dogs of Velvet & Steel has long been out of print and copies have been sold for high prices. Now the author Bob Stevens is selling a new reprint of his original book for $45.00 plus shipping -- Home Page You can buy it right...
  4. brindle

    Historical 1950s Pit Bull magazine Yearbooks 1952-1959 for $25 each

    Here are some new reprints of the old historical PIT DOGS Magazine and YOUR FRIEND AND MINE Magazine from the 1950s. These are an interesting look at the history of our dogs back in the old days. These PIT DOGS Year Books are scanned from the original 1950s issues and professionally...
  5. brindle

    TL Williams COURAGE Pit Bull book NEW Edition just printed!

    TL Williams COURAGE book is a classic bulldog book that was out of print and hard to get but now it has been completely revised and printed in a NEW edition in Hard Cover with over 200 pages. Richard Stratton wrote the Introductions to each section and all the text on the dogs has been redone...
  6. brindle

    Pit Bulls in modern advertising web site

    Here's a nice site showing Pit Bulls in advertising -- ELDERBULLS: 21st Century Pit Bull Dogs in Advertising It's nice to see all those ads with Pit Bulls. I had seen some of them before but not all and I am sure there are others that are not on the site.
  7. brindle

    New site with old Pit Bull Books, Art, Photos and other stuff

    Here's a link to a good new web site that has has lot of nice things. They have many out of print books including some rare ones and some nice art work, photographs, and other Pit Bull stuff -- http://www.apbtbooks.com/index.html http://www.apbtbooks.com/Books.html I had posted...
  8. brindle

    New web site with old and rare Pit Bull books and stuff...

    Here's a link to a new web site that has some good old books, old photos, and some other Pit Bull stuff -- http://www.apbtbooks.com/index.html There are some nice old photos and books that are hard to find, especially the old Pete Sparks reprinted books. I have most of the same...
  9. brindle

    link about understanding your dog's bloodwork...

    I found this while searching for something else and thought it was a useful link since it explains what the abreviations are, and tells what the numbers in the blood work mean -- http://www.bichonfriseusa.com/caninebloodwork.htm When my old dog had surgery last year, I had bloodwork done on...
  10. brindle


    Hello all, I've been signed up here for some time but I don't post much, obviously... Nice forum, though. I've been involved with pit bulls for many years and feel there is no better breed of dog. I've owned good well bred dogs and not so well bred ones, as long as they have the true bulldog...