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  1. dalvers63

    Second TTA for Jet

    Last week we took Jet in for his second TTA surgery. He had the first knee done last year and due to that change, needed to have the other leg done this year. The vet was very pleased with the way the first one healed and we have high hopes for an excellent recovery this time. I can already...
  2. dalvers63

    Salmon poisoning - please keep Molli in your thoughts

    It's be a tough week at our house and I've just now felt OK to post this...have to get it out somewhere. Please keep Mo in your thoughts - she's starting to look better but we aren't out of the woods yet. Our old girl Molli (border collie/german shorthair) has been on steroids to get over a bad...
  3. dalvers63

    Oregon looking to pass tethering law

    For anyone living in Oregon, you might want to speak up in regards to an anti-tethering law that is going to be voted on soon. Here is a link to a page with more info (they, of course, support the law). You Can Help Move Oregon "Tethering Bill" Into Law | Life With Dogs and a link to the...
  4. dalvers63

    All together now...

    I'm amazed I was able to get them all to settle long enough to get this picture. :-) Molli, Jet, and Boxie
  5. dalvers63

    For all those living on the East Coast, prepare for the invasion....

    This is one of the main reasons I love living in the west. We have a decided lack of creepy insects! Prepare for the cicada swarms of 2013.... http://www.theatlanticwire.com/national/2013/05/2013-cicada-swarm-guide/65101/
  6. dalvers63

    Dropping Jet off at the vet....

    Please keep Jet in your thoughts. He goes in for his knee surgery this morning. I have great confidence in his doctor and the staff - it's still a bit scary though. I think he knows something is up, too. He didn't even complain about not getting breakfast this morning. So, cross your fingers...
  7. dalvers63

    Jet and his CCL...

    We go back to the vet this afternoon to see if the two weeks on just crate rest has helped Jet heal his CCL. He appears to be walking better when he goes out to go potty and god knows he's got TONS of energy...but he still doesn't like to put weight on it completely and he still holds the leg...
  8. dalvers63

    Crate rest and keeping them occupied

    Back in August, Boxie (great dane "puppy") stepped on Jet. Ever since then he's had trouble with his right rear leg. We have had him on limited crate rest and minimal walking mostly just around the house. We took him to the vet yesterday to get him checked out since he would still come up lame...
  9. dalvers63

    Don't use "bully breed"?

    Don't use "bully breed"? I'd love to hear people's thoughts on this idea from one of the rescue/advocacy groups I came across: "DID YOU KNOW? Webster defines the word "bully" as "a blustering browbeating person; especially: one habitually cruel to others who are weaker" - this is also how the...
  10. dalvers63

    Boxie's hips at 1yr - comments?

    Boxie's puppy plan included neuter or hip xrays. Since I'm not planning on neutering him within the first year, we went with the xrays to see how he looks. The doctor was with another patient so I haven't heard his opinion yet. I'd love to hear comments from those of you who are more...
  11. dalvers63

    Another "return to raw" question

    Another "return to raw" question For those that might not be aware, Jet had to have emergency surgery on Tuesday due to a cat toy he thought was food. The story is here: Please keep Jet in your thoughts My question is, once he's off the bland diet, how should I go about getting him back on...
  12. dalvers63

    Please keep Jet in your thoughts

    My boy Jet is at the vet right now, getting ready for surgery. It looks like he's got a blockage from some type of fabric. I'm thinking cat toy but who knows! He was fine yesterday morning when we left for work. When my husband got home at 3pm, he noticed that Jet had puked up breakfast along...
  13. dalvers63

    Happy birthday, Boxie!

    One year ago today, my boy was born. Hard to believe how much he's changed in the last year! 8 weeks, 10lbs Today, 120lbs (just noticed how crappy this picture is - I'll get a better one tomorrow):
  14. dalvers63

    Glucosamine supplements...advice needed

    The co-op I use for my raw food also has buys with other companies, one of which is Liquid Health. With Jet only having 3 legs and starting to have some difficulty moving around, I wanted to start adding some glucosamine and chondroitin to his diet. My question comes with which formula to get...
  15. dalvers63

    We are now completely raw fed...

    I decided that, since Boxie is doing so well on raw, we would put the other two on raw. They both seemed to think it was a great idea and I admit I'm less worried about the transition since I've gone through it with Boxie. Here's to a new year of raw fed dogs!
  16. dalvers63

    Preparing organs?

    A friend of mine butchered a couple lambs a few weeks ago and saved me some organs. I now have a bag of heart, kidney, liver, and lungs/trachea I'm assuming that the same ratios apply for the most part. What do people do with whole organs, if you get them? I know the liver I will cut into...
  17. dalvers63

    Group photo

    Working on taking some photos for our Christmas cards and I found this one amusing. Molli, Boxie, and Jet
  18. dalvers63

    Adding new proteins - gradual or all at once?

    Boxie is doing great on raw and has had no issues with chicken, turkey, or beef. He's also had a little venison with no tummy issues that I could see. We're going to add in fish soon and I was wondering if people tend to go all at once with a new protein or would it be better to slowly add it...
  19. dalvers63


    I picked up 25lbs of sardines yesterday and Boxie LOVES them. I have yet to find something he won't eat. Even the other two who aren't on raw (yet) wanted to get in on the fish bounty. I had never seen a fresh sardine before. The only ones I was familiar with were the tiny ones in cans. These...
  20. dalvers63

    Beyond the Myth, free on Hulu.com for the next week

    For anyone that would like to see the documentary and hasn't been able to do so, Hulu will be showing it for free from Oct 26th (tomorrow) through Nov 2nd. http://www.hulu.com/watch/406777