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  1. GhostBuster

    Grumbling, Snarling, Growling Bull Terrier.

    Soo Busters being a real jerk today. I walked him our usual amount .. 2 x 30 - 45min walks around the block and 1 x 1.5hr walk at the park. Also play inside. Lately when we return from our walks he will grab his leash and start to play bite it. When he first started learning "drop it" he would...
  2. GhostBuster

    Training Update - Buster 4mo

    So I know there are plenty of threads on this topic but I am looking for some more specific information to fit our needs. Buster is 16wks exactly tomorrow. :D So far he is really good inside the appartment. He doesn't chew on anything he shouldn't. He won't go up on the sofa unless invited. He...
  3. GhostBuster

    Puppy Penis

    Sorry if this is a 'silly' question. I am quite aware that male dogs often hump things and that their penises stick out when they are excited/relaxed. My male puppy started humping things.. well only his bed really...about a month ago... he is now 4 months old...now I don't have a problem with...
  4. GhostBuster


    First off I am getting frustrated with the search engine on this site...try to search "dry red eyes" and it comes up with a bazillion unrelated topics that just happen to have the words "dry" or "red" or "eyes" in them. ANNOYING. Anyways... Anyone have issues with dry teary red eyes with your...
  5. GhostBuster

    Potty Training City Apartment Dog

    So today Buster started his outside potty training. I've read both of the articles in this forum section however still wanting some opinions/tips/assurance. As we live in Sao Paulo we were advised by the breeder and vet that it is too dangerous for him to go outside even to potty...breeder said...
  6. GhostBuster

    In Living Color: Lassie 90

    I know there's a bit of controversy around Jim Carrey...but I'm a fan...and I personally loved his video about gun control (sorry)... Here are a couple old clips from In Living Color... You'll have to take the irony of misrepresentation from it. The dog is stunning and so smart too. :D I like...
  7. GhostBuster


    Straight Edge? What is it? My entire life I have been on the other side of the tracks. Just like any bull breed.. you say "Don't do that"... I do it. I've just had my 26th birthday (July 28) and like every birthday... I stop and think... What has happened in my life? Why hasn't my life panned...
  8. GhostBuster

    The Dogfather

  9. GhostBuster

    Collars & Leashes

    Collars & Leashes It's almost time for Buster to start learning to walk on a lead outside! Finally! Yay! So far we have only been practicing inside with a 2m slip style training lead. I would really like to hear some opinions on what you think is the best collar/lead combo for the first year...
  10. GhostBuster

    What music does your DOG like?

    Thank heavens for tranquil New Age music for helping Buster with his ridiculous puppy tantrums! From pissed off puppy to sleeping in minutes! Helps relax Mama too! :dance2:
  11. GhostBuster

    Introducing Ghost Buster

    We call him Buster for short! 6 weeks 7 weeks 9 weeks
  12. GhostBuster

    Bull Terrier Puppy

    I am a new Mum to a beautiful Bull Terrier named Buster. I am a Canadian and have recently immigrated to Brasil with my husband. As a gift to ourselves for our new life together we decided to get our dog. We did all our research and found a breeder and found our puppy. He was so sweet a calm and...