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  1. retro

    Bringing a foreign dog into the US.. anybody ever done it?

    i've brought 3 dogs into the country in the last 4 years, and have not needed proof of anything to get them in. the first time i did it, i thought it would be way harder than it was. our customs agents were definitely more lax than the agents to get the dogs out of their country!
  2. retro

    What is your favorite Disney Movie scene/song?

    'the emporer's new groove' is a hilarious movie & 'the lion king' is just wonderful all around. those are probably my two favorites in a long line of very good movies.
  3. retro

    What can Amstaff people tell me about these kennels/bloodlines?

    i've been in amstafs for 12 years now, and have never heard of "yonac" "clark" or "holliday" as kennel names. i've owned a couple of perdue dogs & spent time with pam learning about her history, selection process etc & messing with her dogs. i've seen several edelhaus dogs, but personally...
  4. retro

    breeding debate, opinion?

    well, another way to look at it is this - all the money made from the dogs goes back into the "dog fund" rather than being spent on the other 99% of life's expenses. within that model, yes, puppy sales would cover the cost of a later breeding. sometimes it's how people say things, not what...
  5. retro

    Health Testing and Breeding

    which of her dog's littermates were affected by ataxia?
  6. retro

    Health Testing and Breeding

    the ataxia test has only been around for a few years, so that's not really the right question to ask. of all the things that will be the downfall of this breed, ataxia, while on the list, is certainly not at the top. i am curious though, how many breedings of confirmed affected dogs do you...
  7. retro

    Grant at 10

    i've admired that dog from a distance since he was a puppy. 10 years later, nothings changed.
  8. retro

    My little sick Red-dog..She may not be my whole world, but she makes my world whole.

    my thoughts are with you.... i know how tough this time is.
  9. retro

    Guard Dogs?

    lots of fencing! the property dogs would have to have a perimeter around the dogs they're gaurding - and their job is to keep anyone and anything out of that 'safe zone.' however, to protect yourself, and keep in line w/the reality of "guard dogs," you'll have to have them w/in a fence too - a...
  10. retro

    Jolene's First AKC Show :)

    congrats on a successful first show! i'd lay odds that's ed & jelly...
  11. retro

    Nominate May 2011 - Females

    Tinkerbell Presto Rogue
  12. retro

    Pit Bull Schutzhund/dog Protection Training wrong to right??

    @ VKH: thanks! although, the longer i do this, the more i think i've just gotten lucky in getting good dogs, because each one sure teaches me something that i don't know, before i teach them much :D @ pookie!: this is retro's riptide schH I cd cgc ofa. we're on a training hiatus until...
  13. retro

    Pit Bull Schutzhund/dog Protection Training wrong to right??

    peoples' romanticized visions of "personal protection" dogs (whatever exactly that means in this day and age) crack me up.
  14. retro

    obama obama obama

    Hell, if Bush could get re-elected, clearly anyone can, so why would anyone else be surprised if Obama did?
  15. retro

    Sako @ 6 months

    Does he have a registered name & a pedigree? I guess I should have been more specific...
  16. retro

    Sako @ 6 months

    Yes ma'am
  17. retro

    Sako @ 6 months

    Who is he?
  18. retro

    Schutzhund with the fuzzies (lots of photos)

    no problem, i know the pedigree. "switchblade's" grandfather was bred by friends of mine, the van leeuwens. here's one of mine that they bred if you like the ds now, i bet it won't be long before you have one ;-)
  19. retro

    Random ? about "man stopping power dogs"

    thanks. the padded stick is used to hit the dog at different parts of the protection routine. the purpose of the stick hits is to see if the dog is intimidated by them - as would be evidenced by loosening the grip, coming off the sleeve etc etc.
  20. retro

    Schutzhund with the fuzzies (lots of photos)

    are you familiar with rampage's bloodlines? there aren't a lot of people breeding "knpv" dogs here in the states ATM, so i'm just wondering. :) sadly, for the DS, it gets more popular every day.