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  1. KelseyAke

    7 week old puppy has puss filled bumps on top of head and back NEED HELP!

    Our 7 week old pit has scaby puss filled bumps on th top of his head, back of his neck, and on his back. One of the bumps on his back got big was leeking clear puss. He is ichy as well but the bumps dont hurt him when touched or scratched. Im not sure what to do any addvice please! Thank you!
  2. KelseyAke

    6week old puppy plays too rough?

    Our 6week old Zeus plays too rough and he growls and snarls and barks. He does calm down eventually and gives kisses is this normal? How could i stop this behavior?
  3. KelseyAke

    paper training a 6 week old

    Zeus cant go outside until he gets all of his shot how can we paper train him in the mean time. I dont want him to think doing his business anywhere in the house is ok.
  4. KelseyAke

    crate training my 6week old rescue puppy

    My fiance and i spoiled Zeus the first 3 nights we had him by havin him sleep with us in the bed and now we wanna crate train him. Is he too young to crate train? He crys and wont give how should I go about it should i leave him in there all night? Someone told me to put a sheet over the crate...
  5. KelseyAke

    New mommy

    i rescued a 6 week old pitbull. My fiance has experience with pitbulls and was always loving with his dogs. i really want to train our new baby the right way!! We named him Zeus, he is a blue mix with blue eyes that just keep getting lighter. he is a ball of energy and loves to play. he is still...