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  1. DangerZone

    the two brats

    Miss Brina.. still the queen bitch of the house Mmm tasty Shes so dainty about raw food.. lol And miss Saina.. she has taken over as the resident nutcase energy wise. Slowly getting the hang of my two dozen commands, i told her to wait here. REALLY hard for her...
  2. DangerZone

    Post January 2015 Female!

    DangerZone's Saina @ 23 Months
  3. DangerZone

    new year, new plans!

    I seriously am about to pop out of my skin!! Saina will be hitting the showring as well as starting in Shutzhund (I found a club i REALLY like, now i just need to go meet the trainers). That alone has me super excited and added icing on the cake is.. Come March(ish)? i get PUPPY BREATH...
  4. DangerZone

    Post: Octobe 2014 Female

    DangerZones' Saina @ 21 months
  5. DangerZone

    Introducing Saina

    Thanks :D I absolutely adore this dog, she's adjusting beautifully to housedog life. I can't wait to start showing her and getting her into sports.
  6. DangerZone

    Introducing Saina

    Jordan's Saina And a few puppy pics from her breeder... (shes the center pup)
  7. DangerZone

    Puppy love

    I would agree with that but some people simply do not want to own intact animals.. it has nothing to do with their ability to control the pet they just do not care for the bleeding on heat cycles or the hormonal boys. And IMO there is a difference between neutered and un-neutered males.
  8. DangerZone

    Legalise Pit Bull Terriers in the UK

    Well you're just a lovely person to be around daily aren't ya? I feel for people who don't see in black and white like you do.
  9. DangerZone

    Foster Puppy, meet Hope

    I actually forgot I made this thread, I didn't have steady internet when I fostered this pup.. lol. Even if it's a lot late here's her up til her adoption at 6 weeks :) Figuring out that dark room + flashlight + cute puppy = some pretty cool pictures lol Zonked after a day out and...
  10. DangerZone

    How do you stop a pit bull fight?

    While I love that video the channel that posted it irks the hell outta me.
  11. DangerZone

    Doing the sprang thang

    Jeez, 20 to 30 miles a week!?!? And I thought I was good for doing 12 to 15 miles of running a week :( Garp looks great!
  12. DangerZone

    Post! May Female of the Month!

    DangerZone's Brina @ 3 years
  13. DangerZone

    What has your dog taught you?

    Patience, responsibility, compassion, friendship, tolerance. Also that any fear can be overcome, that even with the best planning and good knowledge problems happen. Forgiving no matter the situation and never just follow others beliefs. How to cope with loss and let go of what you love for its...
  14. DangerZone

    Trying to take my dog

    Same problem here lmao. And if you ask "I'm too busy to explain that, didn't they teach you in school?" Uh no, but I can tell you the circumference of our pizza and transfer light years into hours if you want.
  15. DangerZone

    Trying to take my dog

    She is using the same concept I did when I CGC certified my dog. It's not that stinking hard to comprehend. There is less off the bat discrimination from most people if you rattle off titles such like CGC, SD, and ESA certified. She is not trying to falsely certify her dog as a SD and she...
  16. DangerZone

    Post! May Puppy of the Month!

    DangerZone's Xavier @ approx 9 months old
  17. DangerZone

    Happy Birthday to Brina!!

    Thanks everyone!! I wish it'd decide to be warm and sunny out, I think a trip to the park is needed lol
  18. DangerZone

    Happy Birthday to Brina!!

    My (not so little) girl is four years old now and oh man has it been a ride so far. I've learned a lot from this dog and I hope she stays with me for many many more years :) She has come a long way from the puppy she once was. We've certainly had our ups and downs and I know I've made some...
  19. DangerZone

    Kali Pictures and Videos

    Pole dancing pitbull :lol: I don't think she looks fat