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  1. CrazyK9

    Athena's U-FLI Pre-Flight (non- pit bull)

    Some clips from a recent tournament. Once she gets solid on getting the ball, I have a feeling the rest will come quickly. Or maybe not... lol she's a velcro dog so leaving me might not be easy. Click the thumbnail to go to the vids.
  2. CrazyK9

    New Ch, at her confo debut

    Drove down to Belton for our first UKC Show. Athena got three BOWs (only over one other dog though) and then moved up to the Champion class. Both judges Saturday made awesome comments about her so despite the easy wins, I'm very happy and excited about her potential in the ring once she matures...
  3. CrazyK9

    Team No Fear

    Has anyone met any of these dogs? Were they stable in temperament? Dont want to debate what breed they actually are just curious about any first hand experience. Or even heresay honestly!
  4. CrazyK9

    Barn Hunt and recent Athena

    These were from the September trial, where I could only make Sunday afternoon because of work so each of the dogs onoyhad one chance to Q.... and they both did. :D Ill post puppy pics in a bit.
  5. CrazyK9

    Bit of an update...

    I haven't been on a lot but I figured I would check in. Kat has a high grade hear murmur and started on Enalapril. Xrays showed her heart is enlarged and rounded but no pulmonary edema like I suspected so that's good I guess. I'm really hoping its just something we can live with and something...
  6. CrazyK9

    TX: Fort Worth: UKC CONF JS CAT WP Oct. 3-4 2015

    Here's the information on the October UKC Conformation Show, CAT and Weight Pull trials! Don't forget to pre-enter so you can take advantage of the discounts! smile emoticon Conformation will be held in between the CAT and Weight Pull.TEXAS LONESTAR K9 PERFORMANCE CLUB FORT WORTH (O) LC WPULL...
  7. CrazyK9

    Clayborn's Phantom Night Owl "Athena"

    The puppy formerly known as Whistlin Dixie.... I wish I had a decent camera :( Zach took a couple of these
  8. CrazyK9

    Chops all grown up now

    Well, almost. He will be 2 in August. I havent posted any pictures of him in quite a while. He towers over Kat now, shoot he towers over me when Im sitting downlol. His prey drive is coming out more now so I have high hopes for him in coursing and were going to try Barn Hunt again.
  9. CrazyK9

    And the countdown begins!

    10 days until I pick up this cutie pie! :grin: She will be 12 weeks old then. Introducing Clayborn's Whistling Dixie, the Silken Windhound
  10. CrazyK9

    New baby rat

    We got a dumbo in at work (never happens!) I had to snatch her up. I've never seen solid colored ones come in either. Theyre almost always albino or mismarked hooded. Shes so damn cute and tiny. Everyone is getting along with her except for one of my original two. Shes being a bitch! She...
  11. CrazyK9

    Raw is going more mainstream....

    We are doing a food reset at work and are getting in a LOT of new formulas! I cant believe how many companies are copying NV Instinct Raw Boost. Natural Balance and Merrick are now doing freeze dried raw in their kibble too. Lots of the "middle of the road" kibbles are jumping on the limited...
  12. CrazyK9

    Breed discrimination in the Service Dog world

    As of right now I will just call this a rumor. My source is supposed to send the documents to verify the information tomorrow or sometime soon... The ADA and FAA have made an amendment, from my understanding, that will be banning 6 breeds from being accepted as Service Animals effective in...
  13. CrazyK9

    New Banana BP :)

    Any name ideas? This is a sucky picture. His colors are so bright and beautiful.
  14. CrazyK9

    Need some help with rat social structure

    I really am a sucker. What started as having a pair of rats to practice Barn Hunt with, Sneezy and Doc, has turned into 4 rats in a 100 gallon tank lol. I brought home another one last week sometime, Bashful, after it was brought back because the buyers snake wouldn't eat it. Same thing tonight...
  15. CrazyK9

    Barn Hunt Trial Weekend

    Moving up to Open threw both of us off our game! Yesterday, we went in and found one rat but I called a non-rat tube after that. Second run I called a non-rat tube right away. She was not into it that day and was showing minimal interest. The interest she did show was nearly identical...
  16. CrazyK9

    Barn Hunt!!!

    Kat wasnt quite as driven as usual but she still managed to get third place in her height division for the novice class. Only a quarter of the dogs that ran qualified and she was one. So proud! :grin: Ill post some pics of her in the corral once roomie sends them to me. I also won a free run...
  17. CrazyK9

    McKinney TX: The "Best" Place to Live

    I don't know when in the hell they shot that video but I can assure you one of the worst things about living here is the damn traffic!!! I like how they left out all the constant ugly construction everywhere including our main highway. This place is over-populated enough without this article...
  18. CrazyK9

    CAT fail lol

    Kat shot out like a rocket! Her speed was amazing... but about 150 yards in, she realized I was out of sight and ran back to me instead of finishing the course. Doh! Zach shot this with burst mode on his camera phone so I think these 20 shots are over 6 seconds? He was fairly far from the...
  19. CrazyK9

    Question to the mutt owners who compete

    Are your dogs registered with any kennel club and if so do you submit the titles for recording within the registry? Kat is an AKC canine partner because why not lol. Was just wondering if there is really any point in spending $20 to apply for an official title on her name. There are 3 I want...
  20. CrazyK9

    Dental: How much did you pay?

    I'm curious what others have paid for teeth cleaning. I was quoted over the phone $400-500 for it and it will be more since I can see some of her small front teeth need to be extracted. That seems pricey? I cant remember now if that includes xrays but I sure as hell hope so! It does include...