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  1. Diesel12

    Sad day for us here

    After much thought, counsel with the vet, exams, it has been decided that Spike, my parents 4 year old Boxer mix will be PTS tomorrow. He has shown a rapid decline in behavior. Without going into the whole story, he is not safe anymore. His HA is rapidly getting worse, and it is the right...
  2. Diesel12

    My boy's color seems to be changing!

    Diesel is a deep chocolate shade and recently he has been getting some lighter spots on him. I tried to capture what I am seeing in the light. Can you see the almost golden spots??
  3. Diesel12

    Does the vet muzzle YOUR dog???

    Ok, so off we go this morning for Diesel's Bordetella booster. He is behaving himself in the waiting area, even playing with the resident cats there. Not a single problem. They call us back into the room, and Diesel is as happy as can be. Then in SHE walks. There is a tech there that has...
  4. Diesel12

    Flip Flop Fetish!!!

    Sometime he just can't help himself!
  5. Diesel12

    Proud of my boy

    With Diesel coming up on 7 months, he has reached a stage, of, well, somewhat trying at times! ( I'm sure none of you all experienced this ! :rolleyes:) Today he and I headed out to tour some of our local boarding kennels. I am having to make an unexpected training trip and will be gone...
  6. Diesel12

    Funny things puppies do

    One of the funniest things I have seen Diesel do lately is his snoring. He will snore so loud that he wakes himself up, in a tizzy at that! He wakes up in full alert, barking, running to the door, ready to depend his turf! If only he knew... LOL!
  7. Diesel12


    We are big campers, and this week we took Diesel ( 5 months ) with us along with my 3 yr old GSD mix. Now I am not an idiot and realize that Diesel just may not make the best camping dog in the months, years to come, but hey, he's a puppy and we tried it. To my surprise, it worked wonderfully...
  8. Diesel12


    My vet recommended me switching to Trifexis for a combo heartworm/flea control. Anyone use this?
  9. Diesel12


    Diesel is a little over 4 months old, and I looked outside today and I could swear I saw him try to mount my 3 yr old Shephard/Collie mix girl. She's spayed, so no worries! :D Is he a little young????
  10. Diesel12

    Changed foods

    I switched Diesel over to puppy formula Taste of The Wild and he LOVES it. I am following the guidelines and mixing it with his regular kibble, but he has AWFUL gas!! I am guessing this is normal right?
  11. Diesel12

    Made a decision on ears

    We have been on the fence about cropping Diesel's ears for a while now. He had his last round of shots last week and we took a trip to the vet about an hour away that uses a laser to do the cropping for the bloodwork and consultation. I have seen his work before and feel comfortable with this...
  12. Diesel12

    Ripped hind declaw

    The breeder didn't get the litter Diesel came from declawed because, well, in my opinion he was a dumbass. Anyway, my husband and I decided we would wait until he went in for his ear cropping and get the hind ones clipped at the same time. Well last night he ripped one hind one off. :( He is...
  13. Diesel12

    Floating Rib

    So I took Diesel into the vet for his round of puppy shots, and mentioned to him a concern I had about the structure of his ribs. I notice on occasion one that "sticks out" when he sits a certain way. He assured me it was just a "floating rib" and normal. Have any of you guys noticed this?
  14. Diesel12


    My Diesel gets hiccups, alot. The breeder told me his mother also got the hiccups. Just wondering, is this kinda common?
  15. Diesel12

    Hi!!! Posting from Texas here!

    Hi all! I am excited to find y'all! I got my 10 week old Diesel 3 weeks ago, and he is a joy. I have read alot, and will continue to as I have never owned a Pit Bull, and know as I go along I will need feedback from voices of experience! Books are great, but experience is better! Thanks...