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  1. ssmiechowski

    Resources needed for big out of control puppy

    Hello, I have a friend who is having a terrible time with her new 7 month old golden retriever/lab. She got him about a week ago from a craigslist ad. I'm concerned because A. I'm not sure this dog is really "just turned 7 months" since he is well over 100 pounds (my husband said he's seen some...
  2. ssmiechowski

    Angry in Vermont, stupid owners

    Couple weeks ago a neighbor's German Shepard escaped and attacked our puppy (Mickey). He had Mickey in his mouth violently shaking him. I started beating the Shepard over the head with a metal shovel until he let go. Then my dog ran inside and the Shepard tried to follow. The Shepard was trying...
  3. ssmiechowski

    Facial Markings?

    I've been looking for a sticky on this but haven't found it. Is there any good website out there that gives names for markings on a dogs face? Or is it just the same as horses (blaze, stripe, snip)? I would love to know the proper terms to describe my dog, if they exist. I'll attach pictures of...
  4. ssmiechowski

    New to forum, ready to say hi

    Hi everyone! I stumbled across this site before we brought our new puppy home. I knew that our puppy would cause mixed feelings and disapproving looks from some people, so I researched the breed extensively so I would be able to eloquently articulate my argument for pit bulls and the like...