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  1. DangerZone

    the two brats

    Miss Brina.. still the queen bitch of the house Mmm tasty Shes so dainty about raw food.. lol And miss Saina.. she has taken over as the resident nutcase energy wise. Slowly getting the hang of my two dozen commands, i told her to wait here. REALLY hard for her...
  2. DangerZone

    new year, new plans!

    I seriously am about to pop out of my skin!! Saina will be hitting the showring as well as starting in Shutzhund (I found a club i REALLY like, now i just need to go meet the trainers). That alone has me super excited and added icing on the cake is.. Come March(ish)? i get PUPPY BREATH...
  3. DangerZone

    Introducing Saina

    Jordan's Saina And a few puppy pics from her breeder... (shes the center pup)
  4. DangerZone

    Happy Birthday to Brina!!

    My (not so little) girl is four years old now and oh man has it been a ride so far. I've learned a lot from this dog and I hope she stays with me for many many more years :) She has come a long way from the puppy she once was. We've certainly had our ups and downs and I know I've made some...
  5. DangerZone

    They hate each other

    So stinkin much :lol: Follow the leader I got them to sit next to eachother.. for about five seconds lol All joking aside, they did really well together. He's the second dog in 4 years that Brina likes being around lol. We haven't decided what to do...
  6. DangerZone

    Name ideas?

    I just found this dog but I need something to call him other than 'dog' or 'shut up' or 'get off!' lol. I'm going to look for his owner for a week, after that he will either stay here as mine or go to a rescue here in Indy.
  7. DangerZone

    I know its a long shot

    but do any Indianapolis people recognize this guy? He followed me home today.
  8. DangerZone

    snow pics (LOTS of pics)

    Some action and non-action pictures from the sunny or warm days (queue 40 degrees being 'warm' to me.. winter needs to go away already!) These are the better quality from the sunny day. I am in love with this one She doesn't really run through snow much. She bunny hops through it...
  9. DangerZone

    five mins later, spring pole!

    I wish I'd remembered to put the camera on action setting before I took this :(
  10. DangerZone


    Brina passed her CGC test today at Can-Am!! I was SO nervous having her take it with everything that was going on but she aced it!! I'm so so so proud of her!
  11. DangerZone

    lure coursing and agility

    Anyone have information on those two sports in and around the Indianapolis area? And some good information about both sports. I'd love to at least get Brina into lure coursing, she loves to run.
  12. DangerZone

    Jus' some pics.

    The older this dog gets the more she pulls off the calm look lol. She is anything but calm Napping in the rapidly vanishing warm sun.. I remembered my camera! And almost lost it too Tired dog.. Happy dog.
  13. DangerZone


    This guy comes home this Sat. He's a Am. Bully pup, going to be my first registered pull dog and my first dog who isn't an APBT.
  14. DangerZone

    Whopper Bloodline

    Anyone here know anything about these dogs aside from the mainly a pulling dog line? Are they Am. Bullies or bandogs or something else?
  15. DangerZone

    Some shots from the AADR Franklin event.

    Lot of good dogs showed up for this show. Calypso, she took Best Puppy the first day. Lost BOB to a very nice bitch though. The dog who took Best of Breed first day Really liked this girl. Lil' Shit :D we all had entirely too much fun with his call name...
  16. DangerZone

    Gut feelings

    How many of you have taken your dog to the vet on a gut feeling that something isn't right because of how your dog is acting and found something wrong with your dog? I very rarely feel like something is wrong with mine but right now I do.. which is not good considering I just spent $600+ on...
  17. DangerZone

    todays fun

    "can we goo????" "can we go run plzzz??? i'll even stoop to begging!" went for a warmup run and were dragging when a friend showed up.. so the harness came off.. "wait.. are you gonna chase me?" "Oh crap you are!!" "ruuuunnnnnnnn!! he's after me!" mum help!! "silly humans...
  18. DangerZone

    new Petition

    The White House replied to an old petition stating they did not support BSL and found it was largely ineffective Now there is a new petition up requesting that the ban on pit bull types in military housing be revoked...
  19. DangerZone

    run run run.

    Took Brina for a run after a little bit of weight pull work (no pics of that, idiot me didn't think to bring my camera). Eventually I'll take a video of both the runs and pull training. Try to ignore the occasional finger.. it's hard to keep a bike in a straight line, hold a camera, take a...