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  1. demo

    Nuisance cat help

  2. demo

    Nuisance cat help

    if some one took my cat to the pound,it would not rest well with me & last resort is Oi band from the 80's.As far as some times a man has to do what a man has to do,well there is a lot of truth to that two way street.I do not even own a cat,it's just the principle you could try some try...
  3. demo

    Hello from China and I :)

    Hello Chinalover, Glad you found your way here
  4. demo

    Banning dogs & Old San Pedro Tomlinson dogs?

    I was reading about Black Mouthed Curs and came across how Phineas Banning would dock his dogs tails so they would not get mixed up with his rivals dogs Tomlinson Old San Pedro dogs.This took place in the late 1800's in Wilmington and San Pedro,CA.My questions are, any body know more about this...
  5. demo

    positive reinforcement?

    leilaquinn,hope the new trainer works out well.Thank you for the update.
  6. demo

    Rescued Dogs Reunion

    hey cobalt, you people and your dogs are awsome ,thank you for the details
  7. demo

    Should a first-time dog owner get a pit bull?

    aDent,this is a great question and your asking shows you are aware of a mesure of the responsibilty of dog ownership.It will effect when,were and how long you are away from home even were you can live.Dogs can cost a lot of money and change relationships with friends and family.I pretty much...
  8. demo

    Happy New Year Casper!!!

    that is a good looking dog
  9. demo

    Cropping show and pet dogs

    Hello BigBlock,maybe try ear cropping on the search bar,there is at least one fairly new thread on it.As for me it is not my thing,but I'm not looking to make friends or foes over it,at least not now:)
  10. demo

    positive reinforcement?

    I think you could give the class a try and see if it is helpful or not.My dog walks better on a slip chain then a flat collar.I rehomed her at 2.5yrs so I do not know who taught her how to walk or how they did it.All I know is she does not pull on a chain and I love her very much.
  11. demo

    Healthy dog play

    I'm not one to over react to do dog stuff,but my dog got a infection in her neck from a game of bitty face with her friend and it cost some money.My dog did not seem to mind and does fine at the vet.I let the other dog know less bitty face and more jump and run is good.I think if i noticed the...
  12. demo

    Need help dealing with allergic pit

    Hello Herkimer,There is some great advice on allergy test here some where.Please keep researching the threads using the search bar.Sorry I can not help more,may be some one smarter than me will link it for you.
  13. demo

    The best looking Bully mutt on the Forum

    He is a handsome dog.
  14. demo

    New Casper pics!

  15. demo

    CHF AFIB help please

    Dear Psalms 18;2,Please do not for get your user name in your time of distress.2Co1;2-4,2Co4;7 & so much more.
  16. demo

    Just rescued a 5 year old lab/some-kind-of-pit (not educated yet)

    Welcome to the forum nkajune,Glad you have a dog you love so much.
  17. demo

    last few days left to wish everyone a happy holidays

    Thank you Obed,Hope you have great time and get all your chores done with the family by your side.This forum seems like a kinder place since you came back around,so once again thank you and best wishes
  18. demo

    American Bully practicing recalls from bitework

    Thank you for the details,glad your having fun
  19. demo

    Hi, wondering what our dog is....

    she is a spotty backed kissy face,a rare breed put on earth to bring great joy and happiness