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Last Activity:
Oct 3, 2014
Aug 3, 2009
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Good Dog

ZoeyBear was last seen:
Oct 3, 2014
    1. Vicki
    2. DeeDirtyDawg
      Well thanks very much! I dislike stupidity...
    3. HarleyX1
      I know right, but his dad was pretty big, I believe just over 70lbs, which is large for them, but both carry it really well, and our vet said its perfectly normal he's just on the bigger end of the breed
    4. HarleyX1
      Lol nah, I didnt fall off, just had some stuff to do that needed all my attention, Harley is up to 68lbs, and tearing through the weights I have him pulling, I'll get some pictures up of him in action
    5. HarleyX1
      hey hey! lol long time no see, I'm back!
    6. TonynKarry
      Thank you for the comments i appreciate it
    7. Hypercane
      Thanks! I will definitely do that. I should be settled in by the end of March.
    8. woody d
      woody d
      thats him at 25 mph! he loves his exercise. have a good day yourself.
    9. samuel64
      I'm glad you liked the card. My camera quit working and I had to use a picture from last year of him in the snow. That was the best one I could find.I already got a couple of comments on the thread about how well does your dog do in the snow. Thanks again!
    10. HarleyX1
      lol, you need more pictures of yourself I think I've yet to see one, cute eyeball though
    11. HarleyX1
      Isnt it just....lol and I need to stay away from the Heated debate section...lol it drives me crazy sometimes
    12. HarleyX1
      lol well now that I've picked up a second job until I go back to school for my paramedics license it'll be alot harder to hang out with him and hunt lol...lifes shitty choices are shitty
    13. HarleyX1
      ZoehBurr! I'm bored and Harley is cheing on a bone, lol I dont think I'm going to get to hunt with him today, soooo Hiya, at least I've done something productive today!
    14. APBTlover09
    15. Mollie's Nana
      Mollie's Nana
      Thanks for checking on Bella.... I'll keep you updated. :)
    16. ZoeyBear
      I did it - do I get a cookie now?? No wait - I already had one of those tonight, or 2...and a half...ugh!!
    17. adamwilkes14
      join the group...!!! You know you want to be in our "click" hahahahahahaha
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