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May 19, 2009
Feb 5, 2009
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May 19, 2009
    1. youknow
      i am a responsible owner no its not a stae law against them only in one city other that the only law is that they must be on a leash and registerd in city hall. i think its got too do with the managment against my family. the people here are just being dicks when one of my neighbors has a rockweiler and managent dont consider them vicous breed witch its fricking BS he calls mine vicous a 4 month old. the leash says "NO VICOUS BREEDS ARE ALOUD" i told the guy rockweillers are vicouse breeds. so the guy told me but your not aloud to have a pit bull
    2. amanda
      why have you been told to get rid of your dog? is it state law or has something happened? good luck, i do hope you are a responsible owner.
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