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  • Dino BBQ is pretty good. They have some nice restaurants here, but you wouldn't unless you would've researched. Lol
    Good luck on your collage years. Live it up! Hit me up whenever.
    Haha! yeah right! When a lot of people think of Syracuse they think of the university. They don't see the poor crime infested city. In the past two weeks someone was shooting at the house next to mine. So I'm planning on moving away from this wack ass place.
    When I move I'll let you know. You're more than welcome to visit.
    You should minor in finance. It would help your degree x3. People are always looking to save.
    Haha I live right down the street. It's very boring and crime is crazy. Living here is a temporary thing for me. It's either back to Brooklyn or Florida for me. Haha
    Yeah I traveled to several countries. to name a few : Mexico, Belize, Honduras and a few others. Did you figure out your major yet?
    I'm not from Syracuse, But I do live here.I'm from Brooklyn. Lol
    I lived in Orlando from 2004 - 2007. I moved back to Brooklyn because it's hard living in a city when you don't have any family or friends. But I do miss it and would move back there when the time is right.
    Mongolia!? Miami!? Hawaii!? Wow you're gonna have a lovely summer. Lol
    Do you Travel often?
    So, you volunteered at a rescue mission in Syracuse. Where and why?
    The same as well as getting my baby fixed (my car). Lol Planning any trips this summer? I'm planning to head down to Orlando to visit some family and where ever the wind takes me.
    Thanks for the ADD! Please feel Free to look at our pictures! Keep in mind we carry leather Gear for your pits at wholesale prices!:)
    Yep born and raised in good ol Rockford IL. We are currently in northwest TN around Memphis but my whole family lives in Rockford. Thank you for the compliment on the dogs!!
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