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Last Activity:
Apr 22, 2011
Jul 7, 2009
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woadiestyle was last seen:
Apr 22, 2011
    1. Vicki
    2. Sheri
      aw :) Your dog looks similar to mine 'cept mine has light, blue/green eyes almost hazel? It's a mix they look almost grey though with some green in them.

      Just wanted to say hello :) I saw your pic and thought that looks like cupcake and I had to add ya!

      Sheri :)
    3. APBTlover09
    4. woadiestyle
      Im going to tell you something thats going to surprise you. I will be posting it up on a thread soon. You wont believe what this puppy did friday.
    5. LoveMySofie
      Hi there. Your pup is so cute! I think he's very close to the same age as my little girl. She was born 5/15. How's the training going? Sofie is a fast learner, but she is also very stubborn! She's responds great if she's in the mood, otherwise she's very good at selective hearing. =0)
    6. Mollie's Nana
      Mollie's Nana
      We're doing good! Thanks for asking, man I can't get over how freaking cute your pup is, makes me want another one.... well, maybe not right this minute, Bella's in her crate, bellowing to get out. :rolleyes:
    7. woadiestyle
      great to hear from you! The dog is doing good thanks for asking. We are starting NILIF with food and toys.
    8. joshelkins23wv
      wats up lol....hows the dog or dogs
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