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  • Hi. You have sum very nice looking dogs. I was wondering if u have ever bred and are willings to breed that handsome white boy shorty? I was just thinking looks like he'd be a nice stud for my red girl. Beautiful color and size.
    Hey, How is everyone doing? Sarge and me are doing good. Can't wait for the weather to stay nice... Cabin fever!!! Well Julius Peppers and Chester Taylor with Briggs and Harris plus Brian. I think we may have a good year!!! Pray Cutler does better!!!!
    Youre one of my favorite peeps here too, miss ya being around though. :bearhug:
    Hey, How's it going? how are the babies doing?Sarge and i are trying to stay warm!!! Cutler looked good last night! Maybe he'll be ok next year. Great game last night.
    Mike Ditka and Dick Buckus had interviews on the Bears game and they both said Cutler is a good QB but we expected to much from him to soon!! We need receivers. Hester needs to stay on Safety.I was rooting for the Giants last night. Cutler didn't play like that for us!!! THE BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!
    Had all day to think about the game. Maybe Cutler will be better next year. It is his first year with a new offense and defense so maybe its gonna take some time to get adjusted!!! JUST TRYING TO STAY POSITIVE AND HAVE SOME HOPE FOR NEXT SEASON. His footing is off when he throws the ball!!
    Ya know last night i was kinda thinking the same thing!!!! My heart got ripped out last night!! He missed 3 touchdown passes, then when it counts and we can win he throws an interception. I live in Eagle land and its gonna be a long week of hearing their shit!!!!! Maybe next year we'll have something to cheer about. The rest of the season is a hard ass schedule and basically we're DONE!!!!!!!!! I HATE THE EAGLES!!!!!! Oh, then then let that trash boy VICK run on them. They should of known they we're gonna run the damn ball. That's where it started. I'm so disgusted and pissed. Still wearing my Bear scrubs to work today. Have a good one!!
    OK, we have the Eagles and i wanna kick their ass so bad i can TASTE IT!!!!Hopefully they can get it together sunday cause we need this WIN!!!!! Living in Eagles land is HELL!!!! Pray they win this one. Jay and the offense need to get their shit together. Defense step it up. San Fran 10-6 REALLY! Very sad game!!!! Have a good one
    I can't believe that freakin Denver with shitty Orton is undefeated! God that pisses me off!!!!!!!Plus our ex guy ran all over us. WTF I still like Cutler but they need to get their shit together cause our schedule is pretty hard. At least the Vikings went down and so did Farve. I hate the Phillies and hope the Yanks take them out!!!! I'm in Delaware so it's all about the Eagles and Phillies, its hell living here with that shit on the news every freakin day!!! Can't stand either team. Hopefully we can beat the Browns this week and after that ASS KICKING they will wake up. Have a good day
    What also is weird. I just got a puppy that looks like your chocolate pitbull. The same markings and everything.
    Hey, How's everyone doing? Sarge and i are doing pretty good. Falcons looked pretty damn good yesterday!!! Matt Ryan is really stepping up. Hope we are ready next week for them!! Kinda worried about that game. Have a good one
    Guess Cutler showed his real playing style. If we play like that it's gonna be a great year!!!! It was a tough ass game but they pulled together, stepped up and did it!!! GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep your fingers crossed. We may have a shot of beating the Steelers. Hope everyone steps up this weekend. Briggs and the boys need to be on it!!! Cutler needs to relax and not throw anymore interceptions. We might do good after that ass kickin. Have a good one.
    Yeah we are gonna miss him. We need our receivers to catch the DAMN BALLS!!!! I totally trust Cutler but not the new guys yet. We have a hard ass game against the STEELERS!! Get the booze ready cause it may not be nice!!!!!DA BEARS
    Ok, Cutler looked alittle stressed the first half. I know he threw some bad balls BUT what the hell is wrong with our FREAKIN RECEIVERS!!!!!!!!!! The loss wasn't totally his fault. He needs to step his ASS up and start winning the games. HATE THE EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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