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Recent content by white river bullies

  1. white river bullies

    I need help finding a reputable kennel

    i'll have some soon gotty and greylines.
  2. white river bullies

    looking for any help on 100% GOTTI

    www. southernbluelegends.com
  3. white river bullies

    Bully Show

    what does the APBA na the UBBA stand for sry never heard of them i agree abkc is expensive ---------- Post added at 07:59 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:55 AM ---------- alot of people would rather call them bullies because of the laws in and around their towns against the APBT.
  4. white river bullies

    abkc requirements....

    that should be god enough for their requirements don't you think beings most of those dogs are dogs in the ABKC ? ---------- Post added at 07:52 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:39 AM ---------- the EE, dirtysouth, midwest boards move rerally fast. you can post something and go back...
  5. white river bullies

    What CH and GRCH are in your peds?

    nope pink you'll kool seems to me this board is alittle slow i posted couple things on here and they stayed on top for a week lol most other boards move to fast
  6. white river bullies

    my bullies

  7. white river bullies

    What CH and GRCH are in your peds?

    I have "gr"ch mr guccaino from goochland pits and "gr"ch" trojan's levi
  8. white river bullies

    Are these pit bulls worth the money?

    They are worth what people will pay i guess i know a guy bought a son of miklands kracker for 300.00 in five abkc shows he is now a "gr"ch " i have some for 700.00 that has a great pedigree behind them
  9. white river bullies

    hi every one from the ozark mountains

    hi every i'm the owner of white river bullies a small familiy kennel nestled in the heart of the ozark mountains i rasie and show the american bully my lines consists of gotty and razors edge