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Last Activity:
Mar 25, 2013
Feb 18, 2008
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Little Dog

Tristateapbt was last seen:
Mar 25, 2013
    1. southjerseypitbull
      What time is the weight pull at salem county fairgrounds on saturday and sunday
    2. BlueKennelCartel
      How do i register my pitbull for the show?please let me know because i want the bring my boy. thanks
    3. Vicki
    4. Tee&CeeKennels
    5. Vicki
    6. Boogieman
      Looking fwd to getting in the ring again! Can't wait to see you all in Texas. :)
    7. Vicki
    8. bulldogs
      Hey Michelle, just stopping by to say hello.
    9. 3dogcombo
      Hi Michelle! How are the babies doing? Are you enjoying this awesome weather today?
    10. NightEyes81
      U bet :) he is striking!
    11. NightEyes81
      Hi Trista, I'm Lauren and newly joined this forum..Just had to say how striking your APBT is...He's perfect!
    12. NYDog
      Do you mean Hunt's Point? I grew up there, right around St. Athanasius Church, near the Hunt's Point library...wow...I wish you continued success!

      (If you mean Clason Point, I've got friends over there also.)
    13. NYDog
      I am born, raised, married, worked etc. in the Bronx where we always since childhood had mixed rescues of some sort, usually Shepherd mixes for protection...(South Bronx:scared: :lol:)
      I now live in Florida for health reasons, so I've been to a couple of shows (ADBA) in Tampa. I have a 3 yr. old rescue APBT, whose pics I will soon be posting. I have some pics when he was younger, but they're not that great so I gotta post some soon.
      My boy now is my first Pit bull and I love him so much I don't think I would ever want another breed...and he isn't a guard dog at all and I like him that way, but my neighborhood is better now :).
      Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to introduce myself. Take care.

      PS My dog's name is Ace also...
    14. NYDog
      I just wanted to say how great Matthew looks. Your old friend Ace seems to have been a great competitor also. Enjoyed your gallery immensely; take care...sorry for double post...didn't think the first one got thru. :booboosign:
    15. NYDog
      I just wanted to say how great your dog Mathew looks and Ace was such a tremendously focused competitor. I saw your gallery and enjoyed your pictures immensely...take care.
    16. 3dogcombo
      Hi! It's Michelle from PA stopping by to say hi!
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