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Last Activity:
May 24, 2011
Apr 8, 2009
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Big Dog

trey01 was last seen:
May 24, 2011
    1. Noble Sincere
      Noble Sincere
      Awesome looking dog, how he bred
    2. Vicki
    3. Vicki
      PM Shon or me the whole code for your playlist and we'll get it figured out for you!
    4. Alma
      Hey you.. where in FL do you live? Im thinking of a trip this spring. :)
    5. Alma
      :lol: Yay!!
    6. Alma
      :bearhug: Just cause youre most excellent!
    7. MzTx
      Hey whats up ? Hey can you tell me how you made that Trey & Tila banner ? Or did some1 else make it for u ? Thanx !!
    8. Laced Wit Game
      Laced Wit Game
      you want that wildside dog?
    9. IronChef
      Hey, nadda damn really. Bout to take the dogs out. You?
    10. Vicki
    11. Laced Wit Game
      Laced Wit Game
      naw i was gonna ask you to be member of the week this week but you werent on so i asked adam & he beat ya to it., my bad bro in wanted to ask you but you werent online ya dig? and i didnt know if youd be on b4 monday.
    12. Laced Wit Game
    13. weirdjack
      thanks for being a friend to the APBT

      thanks Joe
    14. noah
      thanks for your thoughts i appreciate that. I had a female pit i bought at a garage sale she had no papers and had her til she was 14 years old then she passed away from cancer. so thats why i fell in love with the breed because of her. The guy i have now is so loveable and pure love i love him no matter what besides he looks like the real deal so im pretty happy.
    15. Teal
      A lot of conditioning is genetics.. Ruger looks the way he does because he has the genetic basis for it :) I just enhance what his genetics gave him with exercise and healthy food :) You can get Trey in awesome shape, I have no doubt!! I can't wait to see pictures of him!
    16. Teal
      Why thank you! I bet Trey looks great.. you should post more of him!
    17. RicanDemon69
      yea you're definately right about that the only dogs in my fam are rotts akitas huskys pit bulls and bull dogs my fam is the aggressive type loll when i told my uncle i got another pit he was like yea!good job loll but he fights some of his dogs i dont im totally against the stereotype of pits beacause its the owner that makes them vicious not the dog itsself cuz i have a kitten and my dog plays with her fine i hardly ever have a problem with my dog she doesnt have food aggression,toy aggression,or any aggression for that matter the only thing is i live in a big drug infested neigborhood and she hates fiends of any kind she growls at then everytime they come aroundthe house or her
    18. RicanDemon69
      i think they are both the cutest things im actually lookin to breed my baby when shes old enough ive been breeding pitbulls since i was 13 and never fell out of love with it pitbull is my fav breed there're so unique from the other breeds dont ya think....o btw my name is rica what yours
    19. RicanDemon69
      aw how old is she now? mine is 4 months
    20. Patch O' Pits
      Patch O' Pits
      Welcome to the forum and Thanks for the compliments on Patcheeno :)
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