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Oct 14, 2017
Sep 11, 2008
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Regional Manager of Cafe service/ dog supply


Little Dog, from Ma

titan1 was last seen:
Oct 14, 2017
    1. Mollie's Nana
      Mollie's Nana
      Oh yeah, I need to check into those supplements for Bella for her ACL/legs... I will have to see how much they are going to run, and see if I have enough this payday to order them.. if not, hopefully I can in a few weeks. :o
    2. Mollie's Nana
      Mollie's Nana
    3. ashgeo25
      Just was on and thought I'd say hey...how are you and Titan?
      Both my dogs started getting those bump things again not nearly as bad as we caught it before it got worst. We took Sy to the vet and they just told us from now on other than normal visits if it looks the same and there aren't any new symptoms they will just redo our prescriptions. We are planning on buying a house within this next year so if when we move they keep it up we are planning on going further into possibly going to a skin specialist cause I don't want them on medicine every single day of the summer you know? They are doing good though, we're still using your shampoo that you told me about it does work pretty good especially cause Syrus loves rolling in mud!!!! haha well just thought I'd say hello. Hope to talk to you soon.
    4. titan1
      most definitely! we are just finishing touching up our townhouse in MA. and the will start to look in GA
    5. Pitgrrrl
      Thanks for the compliment on Boss! He has actually scaled the fence before, which is why he can NEVER be outside unattended. If you come to Acworth you'll have to come visit him!
    6. titan1
      That is my Titan, you tell him off the couch and he gives you that look like " I know your not talking to me"
    7. Miakoda
      Definitely short bus and padded helmet. :D Although he does have quite a humorous "Who me?" mentality.
    8. Miakoda
      blockheads? LOL. Chipper's just "special".
    9. Miakoda
    10. JustinS
      Hey there Titan,
      Love your website, when you start shipping out to western canada let me know. Would love to grab a few products from you.


    11. apbtmom76
      cool beans Dan, I just know that some people on the Doberman board would LOVE some of your stuff :D
    12. apbtmom76
      Hey Dan, is it ok if I cross post your site info somewhere else?? And Penny sends kisses, she saw herself on your site, made me tear a bit D: Thanks
    13. Vicki
    14. apbtmom76
      :D:D We got penny's stuff today and she LOVES the tails and I got pics of her in her booties, the other dogs were trippping out, lmaooo. But I will mail you the pics. :D
    15. Patch O' Pits
      Patch O' Pits
      Thanks for the vote for Patcheeno!!
    16. apbtmom76
      Hey Dan, let me know how much Penny's stuff is, I will be putting the M.O. in the mail tonight, should go out first thing in the morning. :D
    17. pitgirl17
      I love Titan he is such a great looking dog.
    18. Chris_NC
      Thank you Titan1 for your suggestions im going do it an hopefully save a Buck!!!
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    Home Page:
    Regional Manager of Cafe service/ dog supply
    Married / 2 little girls

    my 2 monsters, bodybuilding and my girls