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  • Hi! The collars are awesome! I will post pics, my daughter was trying to take some, but they were not cooperating.
    have you ever heard of CocoSoya? I started Riley on it so she maintains weight this summer and so she runs cooler. it is a fatty acid formula that is used for hard keepers. I will let you know how she does on it.
    I am going to try to upload the photo of Velveteen for you. It was taken lastnight and she is a little bit shy so I don't want to stress her out any.
    you're welcome. I enjoy debating quite a bit and I've learned over the years to try and stay as civil as possible or no body listens to you anyway, lol :)
    Hey! Of course I didn't forget you! I'm not here as much as I used to be either.. real life can be a pain sometimes! lol
    hehe Ill deff enjoy him small while i can. Just cant stand the biting with those sharp puppy teeth.
    Yes I posted a update. lol I guess you didn't see it. Charlotte is doing much better on just the I/D. Now we are going to keep her on this for one month. The doctor would like me to do a rast test before putting her on any thing else.
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