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  • no :/ His dumb owner still does, but he's a total moron.. he just can't understand why this pup is so hard to train .. Lordy. He's a good pup, very people friendly and likes other dogs, but a pet home in the city sure isn't his thing..
    I know exactly what you mean, Byron and I have that too, he speaks to me all the time, and he knows my feelings more than anyone else, including my man, Byron knows when I'm happy sad frustrated goofy feelin, theres nothing like that bond. XD My dogs meditate with me, it's like they know when and what to do, the come up and stare at me, lay down and it calms me down and it's just perfect. Got to love that. XD

    Did you go to school or just start training from experience?
    Adore your dogs, Ruger has those soulful eyes like my boy Byron, and it seems he is very attached to his mommy too like my boy. He's beautiful, I love his lean look! You're a trainer?
    My boy Ruger gets hives from stress/excitement. If he does anything really exciting or stressful, that night or the next morning he'll be covered in hives that go away within a few days.

    What do they look like? My dog has been getting these bumps that are under her skin and it just looks awful. I've narrowed it down to stress because we had an episode the other day where I had to run in the house and get something and then left. She was in the cage ad saw me run in then run out. Before I left I pet her through her cage and she was completely normal. I came back an hour later and she was covered with bumps. The worst part is, is that they were so bad on her face that it looked like mike tyson came in and beat up my dog. Her face was soooo swollen but one benadryl and a few hours later it went down. If this sounds like what you have experianced with your dog please let me know. If you have any advice on how to make them go away I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you so much!
    there has been some talk about your bitch but it was moved to a seperate thread talking about the bull terrier head.
    i just want to say..that i just made a bomb ass reply on the rufus thread..had to brush my shoulder off there for a second. jk jk. where the hell have you been? im over here fighting by myslef and sh*t.
    Yeah I get ya. I always think of cool names that I want to name my future dogs (or fosters) but when I get one that needs a name, I can't think of any! lol Good luck
    Masculine Arabic Names

    I saw some names on there that you might like for your Saluki pup. :) If you wanna check it out.
    hey long time no see...i am trying to get on my computer more and thought i would say hi...hopefully you havent forgotten me
    Your pair it up poster was really good, I thought you where going to win for sure. Well anyway I was a winner in my book.
    Dam. Hell of a story. Just got done reading your thread. --- you should pick up some of the highest pepper spray you can get your hands on. And prepare yourself mentally to use it in dangerous situations.
    yea i get you.. i dont even have to work tery out n he'll always be nice and athletic lookin but i want his muscle to be a lil more built and tone
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