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Jun 25, 2016
Oct 21, 2007
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Little Dog

Stillwater was last seen:
Jun 25, 2016
    1. SweetPerks24
      Just got our new collar in the mail yesterday, looks great! Thanks so much! I'm sure we'll be ordering more from you in the future as well! :)
    2. luckilylovinlyfe
      Shane I ment to ask you when I ordered eairler do you sell break sticks?

      You have a nice accent by the way lol. Not hitting on you but being from the city it just sounds so different:D
      Sent you 3 emails for a invoice......
    4. Mach0
      ha that was quick- thanks for your help :-)
      I can't wait for it
    5. Alysha23
      Hey I sent you an email
    6. Humblepit
      I purchased a few of your products and nothing else compares to it. Great quality stuff. I'll back it up 1000%. Thank you and keep up the good work.
    7. Jelet
      Honestly man. I just hope your making some good money off of your supplies. I just cant understand. Your quality in your products that you sell are so GOOD. And the price is so cheap.. I just hope your making money cause you deserve it man. You have such wonderful products at such a low price.

      Like your collars will sell for what 10$ ? And then petsmart would sell it for 19.99 and the quality would be sucky..

      Stillwaterkennels 4 life.

      I will always get my products from you, and get my family's members dogs products from you aswell. And recommend them your site. ~
    8. rjnklvr
      Hi , I would like to purchase 5 of your 4 ply 2" collars with velcro. If I haven't got confused after looking at your website for the last 40 minutes, I think these are in the 15"-22" size. Please give me a price paid for with Paypal and ordering instructions
      Thank you,Rita
    9. VonDoom
      Buy one of each. ;) i love these collars. all my dogs have at least one.
    10. LZRD84
      very interested in a collar. i'm browsing the website, just can't make up my mind! LoL
    11. Kdizzl86
    12. Vicki
    13. Vicki
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