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  • Thank you. she did go to vet and owner (my neighbor) said she has mites and gave her a 3 month daily pill treatment
    OMG i'm so very sorry. Tell her I am really sorry for her loss and i'm here if you guys need me. I emailed you but not sure you ever got it. I can resend it if you want.
    Oh no you didnt offend me at all I havnt been on here in a couple of days I play mom on the weekends with my kid n dogs but I agree with you on that point bout other peoples dogs cuz we were there and alot of people wouldnt let there dog near ours and some huge lab tried attacking ours or course ours will hold his own but the guy made it seem like its our fault... let me tell you I ripped him a new ass hole lol. I do have a question for you were having a problem with Bonnie shes 4 months and she wont eat unless Capone is around her and we just took her to the vet cuz she had worms (shes good now) but how can we get her to eat alone
    We don't do things like that with our dogs, they are to much like dog parks. I trust my dogs not to start something, but they will finish it and i don't trust most other dog owners or their dogs. Its not worth the risk for our breeds, they already have enough bad press. Prevention is the key to getting their good reputation back.
    Good news! Petey our APBT/Great dane mix went to his new forever home today and we have never been more sure of adoptive family. We can tell he is going to be a real Daddy's boy. His new sister is a retired Grey hound named Joycelin and they hit it off great. We miss him deerly, but know he is home and its for the best.
    Just want everyone to know that our foster pup Toby ate my computer charge cord because I left it out. My fault. So, I won't be on much until I get my new one in the mail. Sorry to break any hearts, but I will be back, Take care all of you and love on them dogies for me.
    I used to foster for my humaine society but we moved and the county i live in now doesn't let you foster..I've done alot of fostering on my own..i've saved everything from dogs that have beeen shot to cats that were caught in fan belts..my vet and old animal shelter and everyone has sent people and animals my way..plus being in the country i get alot of drop offs..
    I actually foster for the Humane society, but am in the process of leaving them after my 2 fosters are homed. I also work for the humane society as a temp spot, but am leaving for ideological differences with them. (but thats another story) My wife and are are state certified fosters and are going to begin fostering after a short break with MABBR. Do you foster?
    thanks for the friend request..so do you work for a shelter and foster that way or do you do it on your own?
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