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Recent content by ssmiechowski

  1. ssmiechowski

    Soon to be first time owner!

    I had to reply... This is such a great story. I hope everything works out for you. What a beautiful boy! I can't comment on crate training, because I am guilty of not even owning a crate Please update us on EVERYTHING. I would love to know how the move goes :) AND... I have to tell you... he...
  2. ssmiechowski

    living alone with dogs

    I'll move in. What's the rent?
  3. ssmiechowski

    coyote in yard

    Here we shoot them. I would have taken my 380 off my hip and taken care of 'em. Of course, it sounds like you are in an actual city, it probably has a city ordinance against discharging weapons in city limits. In my area they have contests about who can shoot the most of the coy dogs.
  4. ssmiechowski


    We just installed new wood floors in our home in April. We have to refinish them this summer. LOL. Cute pup you have there. Any plans of doing anything with him?
  5. ssmiechowski

    My Saga Moving/Renting with a Bully Breed

    I just read the other posts... If you can... I would buy a house if you can. I bought an apartment house with two units. I gutted one, and replaced everything in it so it's like I live in a brand new house. And the downstaris (where I live) is only like 1000sf so I can afford to make it look...
  6. ssmiechowski

    My Saga Moving/Renting with a Bully Breed

    I just wanted to comment to tell you that I respect your level of commitment. Honestly, I wouldn’t even consider a dog (whether it be a lab or labor doodle (sp?)) until I owned my home. I can’t image how all of you do this in big cities. The level of commitment to your animals is commendable. I...
  7. ssmiechowski

    Just changed puppy kibble

    I feed that kibble. I used to feed the pacific stream formula, but the only reason I switched to prairie was because of dogfoodanalysis.com. The prairie formula was rated higher for some reason I've tried many other brands. BUT my dog does the best on TOTW, it doesn't seem like it matters...
  8. ssmiechowski

    Don't use "bully breed"?

    Good idea. I'll do that too. Joe, Mason is looking great! I love seeing pictures of that boy I forgot to say, if you get sick of him you can ship him to me. PM me for my address ;)
  9. ssmiechowski

    How Documented is Your Dog?

    Because that's just wrong IMO. Big difference between children and animals. Yes, you can get them back if something happens, god forbid. But what are the chances? What are the chances of these chips being used in the future? The whole idea doesn't sit right with me.
  10. ssmiechowski

    What is "rescue" doing to this breed?

    I agree with the people that called you a horrible a person. lol. A life in and out of shelters is awesome. We should all be so lucky to be treated like that. Never knowing where we truley belong. Coming and going all the time. Having an unstable temperment... Humans telling us that all they...
  11. ssmiechowski

    What is "rescue" doing to this breed?

    I have not read past this... but I agree. Too many people are sp wrapped up in the "pit bull= lab" that they think any dog can be "loved" out of aggressiveness. I think this is a fad. The pit bull= lab people will move on to another breed. Then we won't have to stress over them
  12. ssmiechowski

    Was wondering whats the best dry food to feed my new pup.

    Your post caught my eye, I currently feed TOTW coastal whatever. We've tried a few other brands, even brands that are said to be better than TOWW, my pup just didn't do well on them. I recently saw Earthborn Holistics in my store. My store is a very small store, so any new addition is a BIG...
  13. ssmiechowski

    elizabethan collar chocking my dog

    Maybe in your area lol.
  14. ssmiechowski

    Estimating Full-Grown Size...

    I thought you would get a kick out of it hahaha -if I remember correctly, you are a cop right? That's why I wrote a response :)