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  • Hey, How's everyone doing? Sarge and i are good. It's pretty nice out today so we went for a long walk. Been busy with work and the animal shelter. We have been getting alot of dogs in. Alot are getting adopted but soon as that happens they come in. 2 litters of 7- APBT and Goldens. They are sooooo sweet. Other than that just chillen with my main man Sarge. Have a good one.
    i know what you mean when my wife has a bad day work and she comes homes sometimes because of preassure of the job she crys and aspen comes to her and lay down right next to her and she won't leave he sights until she is done crying feeling better i'm happy that i have her pitts are really loyal dogs i wish i could adopt another but right now aspen is the only one we have
    Hi just wanted to tell you we adopted out 8 of our Pitties last night and went to great homes. We had a deaf little girl named Jayden, all of 35 pounds. Cutest thing in the world. She went home also. Made me cry . Your glad they get a new family,but you also fall in love with them. I work for a NO KILL SHELTER in Delaware called FAITHFUL FRIENDS. We have a committee called THE PIT STOP which I'am on. We educate and spay and micro-chip PITS for free. It seems like it's PITBULL month over there. We have beautiful, wonderful and loving PITS over there that have been there for a year or two and some since they were pups. It's very sad what people do to them. But they have it made over at the shelter. They so much love! I would adopt an adult but my Sarge is spoiled and dosen't play well with others. Loves everyone but animals. .
    aspen can be a handfull sometimes specially after a shower she get hyper and runs all over the house it's funny to see my wife trying to dry her up
    Sarge turned 3 years old on June 30. Only 53 pounds. He's a little guy, but with a husky build. Aspen is a pretty good size for 10 months.
    Yeah Sarge is my first Pit also. My sister always had them. I had a German Sheperd and Dob/rotti mix. Ever since my girls passed he likes no other dog besides my moms. I want a female for him but he's just hateful with other animals.:no2:
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