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  • The kong was good for like about a month or two, but I did get Humble the hardest nylabone I could find. I seems to be a good choice right now.
    Not yet, but it getting there. I'm doing the work myself so I try to fit it in my schedule. Humble is good. He's shredding every toy I buy him.
    No doubt! if you need to ask any question about tuner car let me know or star a thread. I would love to see other point of views. I agree. I like both of their dogs as for as show quality.
    Before you buy the sti look on a forum to see how much money you will spend on parts, minor and major issues. I know for Subaru they have tranny problems. Make sure you test drive the car twice and check the oil before and after every test drive. I got caught out there and now I have to swap motors on my 300zx. I'm still learning bloodlines and trying to decide what qualities I'm looking for in a pup. Good luck on everything and throw some pics up!
    The snow is worst here. I don't drive my car in the snow. It's drift happy. If you want a Subaru get a sti ,that's if you want to tune it. New pups?! Do you want a bully, apbt, or other?
    Yes yesterday was the day! Thanks :) He's doing great, will try to get some pictures today!
    Agreed! Work is for suckas...too bad I need a paycheck.

    I need to start playing the lottery asap.
    I do like Netflix but I hate having to get the DVD....I get mad as hell when I can't just watch it right then. I'm kinda impatient!
    Ok then I see you Jenny from the Block!!!

    I'm actually an awesome influence...scratch that, just awesome in general. I think movie night is where it's at tonight. I started a movie on NetFlix last night and got about 32 seconds in before the NyQuil knocked me out of the game.

    I have family in Brooklyn and my best friend isn't too far off in NJ.
    It's snowing here too but it's not accumulating...all I can think of is getting home and sleeping although I know the dogs won't be fond of that idea.

    Where do you live in NY?
    At work too. womp. i feel better than I did. mostly sure I'm going to live through it ;)

    SUPER tired now though...I'm usually a firecracker but I'm all worn out.

    Thanks for askin!!! How's work?
    its cool as you can see i take forever to reply too lmao but eagles 9 months about to hit 10 im around fordham rd. I love deisel hes so handsome
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