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  • Haha!!!There're so many diff types it hard label them. Lol It's even better and a lot more fun if you're driving. Lol
    If I had the money to get a new z I would get the 370z.( in blue or silver)
    The first car I've ever been in going over 100 mph was a 91 mustang. OMG! I was in love. Lol I was 16 at the time.
    Long hair or short hair I still think you can pull it off. Lol
    Yes , ''ex friend'' is a very idiot exemple :lol: but I was without examples !!:lol:

    Thank for teaching me!
    Hi Sonya !

    I have one question for you , about english:

    In an informal chat , for exemple with my girlfriend or my father , friend... is correct use ex-girlfriend ,ex-classfriend or ex-teacher ? exist the prefix ''ex'' in english for representing an former girlfriend , former teacher , classfriend...?

    For exemple: My ex-girlfriend is very bored ; My ex-girlfriend is very beautiful ;My ex-girlfriend send me emails today; I still love my ex-girlfriend.

    Gratefull , Thales Meyer !
    Haha it's one of those home bound lazy days I see :) haha does your man usually nap during the day or he's just tired today? thank you for the nice compliments :o :) I just replied to your question on that thread ;) do you enjoy twilight? since I was wearing edward cullen in that picture (who I wish was my hubby haha).
    Hey evil Sony :p you did for which thread? Sorry that I have missed it, well I awoke fairly late today haha. How are you and your pups doing so far today?
    Thank you! While we did help in saving him.. he saved us as well! He does have a story but his story has not ended. He has many more wonderful years to fulfill.

    Thanks for all the awesomeness that was you messaging me. lol Figured I'd say that here, too, to let everyone know that you're awesome. xD

    Yeah, that's me and Ruger :) Ruger knows what I am going to do and say before I do it! It's pretty awesome!

    Dog training is naturally what I am good at, but I am going to become a certified professional dog trainer so I can actually do it for a job.
    Thank you so much! :) Ruger is my "heart dog"... him and I have that crazy telepathic bond you hear people talking about LOL

    Yes, I am a trainer :)
    Thank you so much. I know someone has her. She never wandered anywhere she was traumatized after she was attacked in the yard by to GSD. Someone has her I know it! She wasnt at any shelter/rescue in the whole state.. People said they saw her, and if she got hit by a car I would have found her. It just makes me sad, I loved her so much. I hope one day I find a cat something similar to her.. Right now I have my hands full with Bear :P
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