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Recent content by slobberdoc

  1. slobberdoc

    should i keep my new puppy,

    If the dog came from a reputable breeder and out of parents that were stable and mentally balanced, you have nothing to worry about. It is NOT "all how you raise them" (although responsible ownership is a must), it is primarily genetics, and a well-bred APBT is human friendly and dog aggressive.
  2. slobberdoc

    Is this an APBT?

    OK I see, I am a hunter, not a dog show person :lol: But I googled blue fawn and apparantly lots of people don't know their dogs' coat colors. That bully was labelled blue fawn as were many other that look just like it.
  3. slobberdoc

    Is this an APBT?

    Well, all the dogs I have seen referred to as "blue fawn" or "champagne" look like that. I never thought they looked blue either. It's just dog's fur color anyhow! "Blue fawn" American Bully
  4. slobberdoc

    Omg this poor doggie!

    They say these dogs are Toadline which came from 100% Gottiline...Gottiline which came from ONLY APBT and Am. Staff cross...Hmm I am missing something here it seems?? LOL :nono:
  5. slobberdoc

    Omg this poor doggie!

    Unfortunately I did look up Toadline but wish I hadn't. The things they pass off as Pit Bulls these days...........:yuck: I would say these are 80% English of French Bulldogs
  6. slobberdoc

    Just dog pictures!

    A July Hound is considered a type of "running" hound (instead of "treeing", they aren't bred for the treeing instinct although many will tree) used more in the south for foxes, coyotes, deer, and in previous years wolves. It's a foxhound rather than a coonhound (regardless of what they are...
  7. slobberdoc

    Fit Dog Photos [post your conditioned dogs]

    Gotta throw in a hound in hunting shape :lick:
  8. slobberdoc

    Is this an APBT?

    She is very cute and looks like a happy, healthy dog, congrats! I would say she looks like an American Bully rather than an APBT, but the general public considers Am Bullies as "pit bull type" dogs. From the pictures her colors looks like a blue fawn. :)
  9. slobberdoc

    Just dog pictures!

    For those who are curious, Grizzly is a Plott Hound SlobberDoc is a Black andTan Hound Bear is a Walker/Bluetick/?? Hound mix Striker is a Mountain Cur Pat and Shadow are July Hounds Wolverine is an APBT :)
  10. slobberdoc

    Just dog pictures!

    Grizzly at 10 months Grizzly's gettin big! Slobbers Foggy morning Striker marking her territory. So ladylike. And snarling at the same time, Wolverine posing Bear Trapper -- R.I.P. 2011-2014 Shadow at 13 years old Pat, also 13 years And last but not least, Wolverine keeping...
  11. slobberdoc

    What animals has your dog hunted and killed...cats, squirrels????

    Well...I own dogs for the primary purpose of hunting and have used them (in several different states) to hunt bear, raccoon, bobcat, mountain lion, wild pigs, gray fox, red fox, and coyotes. They have also caught skunks (lots), possum, badger, porcupines (again, lots, unfortunately), and a few...
  12. slobberdoc


    My hounds are all outside on chains. Previously I kept them in kennels but I much prefer chains. They can interact with each other more, have lots of room to run around, have big doghouses to go to (with beds and blankets). Two of them even have an old couch between them that they get to lay on...
  13. slobberdoc

    1yr old Male not lifting leg

    I have a 5 year old intact male that squats to pee most of the time, and a spayed female that lifts her leg to pee most of the time... My 1 year old intact male squats some times, and lifts his leg some times. I'm hoping he'll hike his leg up more often than not, LOL.
  14. slobberdoc

    Pure bred pit?

    She's a very cute puppy. Most likely American Pit Bull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier cross based on her and mom's color and conformation. Possibly an American Bully, but doesn't really look it. I know not all Am Bullies are hideously exagerrated Am Staff/ English Bull/mastiff mutts...
  15. slobberdoc

    Dumbest Pit Bull Comment You've Ever Heard...

    I have gotten... "Aren't you afraid he's going to kill you in your sleep????" My favorite comment. "That is one SCARY looking dog!" "ALL those dogs need to be shot." Uh, thanks for telling me, I have a concealed carry permit by the way in case you try... :lick: "Is he a rednose?" His nose is...