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Recent content by Sculls

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    Recovery after TPLO Surgery

    Lucy has had mild incontinence as well. She had a slight case back in 2009, and went away, now it has come back and was curious if it could have been stress related/post op-surgery etc. Vet said no and recommended I put her on Med's with my regular vet. Did your case go away without meds?
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    Recovery after TPLO Surgery

    Hey Molsie, Great info thank you for the level of detail and the book reference. Good luck with Molly's 8 week check up next week. I am very concerned of Lucy injuring her opposite leg as well. My actvity instructions are very similar, but a little more scaled back. I have by week 9 (if things...
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    Recovery after TPLO Surgery

    Thanks for the input. I was given some very explicit directions on complete excersice restriction for 8 weeks. I did get a crate and tried to acclimate just before surgery, but not enough time for my excitable girl. She is having a hard time adjusting as she pants excessively only when she is in...
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    Found stray Pit Bull in High Point, NC

    Thank you! As I am new I may need some help. I wanted to get the word out on a stray Pit we found yesterday and where the proprer forum may be to try and find a home. Any insight or help appreciated...
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    Recovery after TPLO Surgery

    Curious if anyone has any advice on recovering from TPLO Surgery. I have a 6.5 year old Pitty who had surgery yesterday to repair ligaments. She is tremendously active and afraid of her re-injuring her leg. Any success stories and advice is welcome.
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    Found stray Pit Bull in High Point, NC

    Thanks Diesel!
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    Found stray Pit Bull in High Point, NC

    Hello, I am new to this site and my wife and I have been rescuing animals for over 10 years. We recently found a stray male Pit Bull in High Point, NC and do not have the room to take in any more at this time. We are looking for help in finding "buddy" a new home. We have one Pitty...