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  • Cock Fighting, Dog Fighting, Mark Twain and a day off from work. - Pit Bull Chat Forum
    Thanks... he's just so damn lazy he's hard to work.. refuses to work a mill I tried Emill and Slatmill... Missy I am actually considering selling to a guy I know... I need some cash (I got to buy a new set of tires on my truck) and I decided I'm going in a different direction as far as breeding goes... I'd probably still do a Missy x Slick breeding so I could give Ed and Donnie a couple off it. Latest pics of Mac were from the NC show.. didn't take him to Ga because I couldn't afford to show both/lack of room in the car/ and ADBA only gives 1/2 points to puppies.
    Yes everythingis good man. We are back in Ga, Thanks for asking, we love it. I wish we had stayed but it is all good. I am running the Peach state AADR maybe when you get back to the states, if you are in the south you can come by man love to meet cha. Stay safe brother....B
    She's doing great. Can be a handful at times but she has adjusted well here. How are things with you and your family? Hope everything is well. When are you returning to the states?
    I don't know why they were pissed.. Silva destroyed the guy. Basically Silva made Leites fight standing up.... Silva would get in close and stand landing kicks and strikes and Leites would just fall back and try and pull guard and Sliva would back up and make him stand up..... he got to the point where he put his hands on his hips and motioned for him to get up. I loved it... Silva basically said if you want me on the ground put me on the ground..... he'll DESTROY GSP...... and Dana White said if Liddell lost it would be his last UFC fight... and he got knocked the fuck out!!
    Damn man. Well you will have fun. Might have to send you some money I need some new gear.. Stay in touch bro and be careful...BC
    Oh Albany Lou is still on my other playlist. I had to fix up something for the season... Purple threatened me if I didn't! :D
    wait, according to this Bears’ canine teeth are often removed and their claws may be filed down giving them less advantage over the dogs. Each fight lasts around three minutes. If the dogs pull the bear to the ground they are said to win the fight. Bears usually have to undergo several fights during each day’s event. Despite receiving serious injuries, bears and dogs rarely suffer fatal wounds."

    at wiki pedia.

    the bears were de clawed and teeth were pulled.

    that is what they do in pakistan according to this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bear-baiting

    Is this true? What about the olden days? I thought you said they were kept intact o.o
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