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  • awww... I'll have to check it out!! psshh, a cat won... gimme a break!! People don't know true beauty when they see it!! :hearts:
    awww.... best of luck with the costume contest!! Hope you get lots of pictures.. Miss Chyler will be a beautiful princess.. even if she is wearing a diaper and t shirt!! :hearts::hearts:
    Glad you got it... hope Chyler has fun... but next year will probably be the year she starts to realize what it's all about :)
    No, I didn't make them, I ordered them off ebay... I googled "return address labels" and then you can do your own pictures or whatever... I went a little crazy and got a bunch! :p
    We had some good size hail in Henry Co, but it didn't even rain at my house, I don't think it even thundered... Mollie was a basket case, but it was all for no reason. :p Hope you guys faired well.
    I'm glad you got it ok... Try to stay cool, this heat is brutal!!! Hey, how close to Nashville are you? I'm going to be in Nashville the middle of August for a work conference... maybe we can get together?
    I saw those, they are freaky looking... still hard to believe that TN got all that flooding.... I've never seen that in all my .... 45??? years. God, am I really that old?? :slapme:
    Wow! It thundered here, and that was it... it's all gone now, either east or north, maybe south, but nothing here... I gotta get home and water some of the trees! :p
    Thats sweet that she remembered that after all these years. I'm sure one day she will tell that to her kids
    I love thunderstorms, just not the dangerous ones! Anytime it storms, my kids want to take a nap, my son will sleep right through a tornado one day! When they were little, they would kinda get scared at the thunder and lightning, so I told them that the thunder was God moving furniture around in Heaven, and the lightning, was God turning on lights in Heaven. It worked, and they weren't scared. Not too long ago, I saw where my now 22 (23 this Nov!!) daughter posted a message on FB to a friend of hers. They were scared of storms, so she told them the thunder was God turning on lights in Heaven and the lightning was him turning on lights.... my eyes welled with tears. I couldn't believe that she remembered that, or that she would tell it to someone else as a means to comfort them. I always figured she would think it was silly. :o
    I'll have to go check them out.... she has such a love bug looking face!! :) Is it raining there? It's supposed to be scattered here... but I think they are going around us. I sure wish it would rain some, I hate watering the trees every night, it takes 2 1/2 hours, and tonight is the CMA awards on CMT, so I can't be outside with trees till dark tonight! :lol:
    Thanks for the photo comments... yeah, Miss Moddie Cow is a hot mess! I can't imagine life without her though! :)
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