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rob h
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May 29, 2012
Aug 27, 2008
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rob h

Little Dog

rob h was last seen:
May 29, 2012
      And also want to send a congrats to your team, you all did a great job! Can't wait to pull against your team again!
      hey rob it's katrina, ruben has another account but cant remember the password..but I am feeling better..lol...we will be going to UKC Winder,PA on Oct. 31, Ruben just spoke to some Apa peeps today and their maybe some good dogs showing up for that pull! Other then that not sure yet, hoping to pull @ An Apa some time soon!
    3. bstmafia
      how you doin rob this is aj i had purchased the female from you in morganton at the show she is doin great im going to try to make it to some of the shows this year but everybody loves her down here but heres my number 757 470 2766 i tried to call you a couple of times ...keep in touch holla at you
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