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Aug 21, 2010
Mar 1, 2010
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The Big Apple


Big Dog, from The Big Apple

RealDawgs was last seen:
Aug 21, 2010
    1. DieselPitBull
      hey havent saw ya in a while just popping in to say hi
    2. Mollie's Nana
      Mollie's Nana
      You are welcome!! I hope you can find some pumpkin, but it may be hard... I think everyone is having a hard time finding it. I meant to look for some today at the store, and completely forgot about it... but I managed to remember everything else in the store!! :lol:
    3. RealDawgs
      LOL, well if it is just 2 sacks of dogfood, I say give the dog a gamble. It'll cost you more than 2 bags of dogfood to raise a pup up, at least you have a dog that is worth showing, which actually means it has at least passed its schooling.
    4. Rainmaker
      Breeder don't want to give info about the price yet, not even sure if he will let go some pups. You are right.. alot of banjo don't show what it's worth although there are some diamonds on the rock that when you polish them off.. they really do shine on its own ground.

      Actually I was offered a dog that was been scheduled to match on the convention day but the opponent didn't show up so the dog won by forfeit. Haven't seen the dog fight but just the mere fact that they will show the dog means something.

      The owner is my friend.. I keep on saying that blackdog is nice with superb temperament with people. Imagine for the full 3 hours drive the dog is just seating on his lap and kept calm! He surely be a good pet with fighting prowess. He comes of wildside bloodline, from bandit. He will be mine on the price of 2 sacks of dogfood! LoL.
    5. Rainmaker
    6. Rainmaker
      BIS is just awared in conventions. Yea there are alot of things going on the pit.. and mind you when you are handling a dog on the pit.. its like all you see is the dog, your dog's opponent and referee.. but everything is like pitch black with voice everywhere. That's what I felt and was like so tensed. That's why there is actually a corner man so the handler will be handled. Hehe
    7. Rainmaker
      That cur dog was never seen again.. that's the complexity of the game bro. Some dogs just have it's counterpart. There is even this American we call him captain. He bought dogs abroad to match to the dogs we have here.. most of the time he lost.. but that's just entertainment for him.. There are 2 americans aswell who brought all his dogs and bought a farm here.
    8. Rainmaker
      This group kinda got a peep on Ch Johnny style.. they believe Ch Johnny bites on the head because of defense.. not because of offense. So when Johnny will bit the dog.. the dog bites him on the face with rapid small bites like what a cur would do. But that got johnny off the game. He dont know what to do.. and they are right.. Because the dog will just bite if johnny will bite him. But johnny's game is defensive headdog.. so he dont know what to do because he dont need defense.
      The good thing about the cur dog, the dogs have no problem with scratching. Until Johnny stops biting and even stops scratching because he don't know what to do with the dog, because the dog don't do anything to him but cur bites. I've seen that dog finish dog.. it's just that we felt mentally johnny was lost on that game.
    9. Rainmaker
      Damn, I'm board at work.. haha! I keep on sharing stories.

      I'll share one more story about some curves on pit. There is this champion dog who beat twice a dog of Pek2 Kennels.. this group is one of the group that fights internationally and if you face their kennel.. you must have a real good dog, if not your best dog. This dog name Champion Johnny.. He beat 2 dogs of Pek2 with decisive win. Actually the littermate of this dog is still with my partner. But anyways.. He is a known headdog with very hardmouth.
      There is this group the match a cur dog over CH Johnny. It's really a cur dog man.. have you seen a dog that barks as it bites? Then it not really a big and hold.. its cur bites.. like small rapid bites. That dog beats Ch Johnny.
    10. Rainmaker
      The handler also plays a very big role on the pit not just the dog. I've seen a dog that just bite to the stomach, actually just the side of the stomach. He beat the dog to much that the stomach almost ripped out. But what the handler did of the losing dog.. when the stomach dog turns to scartch, he didn't release his dog and covers his dog stomach. The dog keeps on looking for the stomach and when the dog didn't made contact within 10secs.. he got counted off.

      I can still remember the handler's face looking so afraid being biten by the dog! Haha! There are alot of things happening on the pit that you won't see in any books or documentation. I've seen a a cur beat a super game dog. There is this once dog that is curred out after like 20mins I think.. he dont even want to scratch back.. but its the other dogs turn to sratch.. the dog literally ducks then the other dog got scratch so hard that he threw himself over the box, so by techinicality this dog lose.
    11. Rainmaker
      For private matches.. headcount is also discussed. normally it's 8 person per dog. So on the site.. it would just be 16 person + timer and referee.

      There are also discussion about specifics or non-specific match. Specific is dog set cannot be replaced, if the dog dies you pay the forfeit. And the name of the dog is broadcast. For non-specific.. weight will just be the issue.. you can replace the dog with another dog as long as the weight is meet.
    12. Rainmaker
      Yea cajun rules.. in hooking up the fight those things are discussed. Sometimes there are early weigh in rules. It's like normally we come to the site at around 8am on the morning. Weigh dogs then the fight would be started at 6pm. You would see shaved dogs just to get the weight. You would see a poodle looking apbt! Haha! Serious.

      On the convention nowadays.. cellphones are submitted to one of the officials so there would be no contacts in the outside world. Then you can't go home unless all the fight ends, unlike before you can go home anything you want. Just learning from previous mistakes. Even going to site is tricky. Like last time, a site is announced then few hours before the fight.. there is a re-route. Then we just have to meet a certain pointman then they will lead us to the site. The pointman knows the groups member, so no one can just come in the match.
    13. Rainmaker
      I mean 30.5lbs.. is the match weight. Sorry got you confused there. We have to be there at the location site early and the condition is weigh.. wash.. and go. So no chance of loading before the fight. Not all carvers are like that.. although if you have a carver bred dog and it is cold, tendency is that he will get hot when he hits maturity.
    14. Rainmaker
      No only pitbulls. Of course we game test them.. we start schooling at the age of 1 year and 6 months.. then gametest them at 3 years. We won't put money on a dog that we have doubts to quit. You won't even bet on that right? Hehe. Actually trouble out of Tongka X Tigger.. stopped 2 bulls going for gametest unders 2 years of age. He curred them out, saving money for our friends with other groups. I'm expecting fire this June.. I already filed leave of absence from work! LoL Game is @ 30.5. Will let you know with updates.. We have 2 dogs aswell for that convention.. one is Jacko.. Jeep/redboy aswell.. his father was dead game. Died in the pit.. but still scratches using his face and shoulders crawling... I pity that dog.. but truly a deadgame dog! Jacko.. shows the same signs of true gameness.. but with better ability. We just hope for the best this June.
    15. Rainmaker
      I have tigger on my yard and the repeat breeding didn't take. We actually planned to pair him with travis.. but travis don't want to mate.. he wants to kill tigger so we just used tongka again for the repeat. Haha! But we got a professional shooter that shoots Travis to Taz.. I got a pick female on the breeding, maybe next week I'll bring her home.

      Taz was a ear dog.. defensive dog that looks boring to watch for the first 20mins.. but once the opponents is tired to lies down.. she gets into the rage mode and go on and kills the opponent. She is also a stifle dog with hard mouth. She is currently a 2xW maybe next year we will show her for her Ch. She is whelping pups that's why she is now off season. Her second outing was actually against a Ch Icy. Taz stopped her race to Gr Ch.
    16. Rainmaker
      We got a direct offspring of that breeding, who is indian rock. Which if you noticed it where our breeding revolves into and Ch Whiskey.. who earned his Champion title on US when we was purchased by our friend Arce, who is a double jeep coming out of Long werdo, a ROM dog aswell. Right now, our match dogs are actually a product of that tongka x tigger breeding. 7 pups.. all are pit quality. 2 are already 1 time winners and 1 of em are scheduled to be match on mid June. He is actually the best of the litter so we want to keep him matured first before we bring him out. We always believe that through maturity comes the best of the match dog. So we just put them to show when they are at least 3 years of age. Patience do pay.
    17. Rainmaker
      That's actually the lineage the puts us on the pit. Jeep & Jeep crosses. More like if you notice.. we focus on jeep/redboy with small touches of banjo, carver or bolio blood. We also have direct frisco son breedings paired to a pure carver bitch. 2 of em are already winners.. we plan to bring sachi the very game 1xW back to his mom Tempest which is on our yard. Specially that white's tab and irene who produced nothing but consistency.

      This is the peds of Sachi.. watched this bulldog on convention.. a true exemptional bulldog


      We gonna breed him back to his mom tempest.. who is on my yard as of the moment. We like sachi more than his 2xW brother Bishop, performance wise.
    18. Rainmaker
      Hi sir, do you fight dogs aswell? I feel so restricted on giving too much information on the real deal dogfighting scenario on this forum. Feel like I gonna get all flamed through and through. Hehe.
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