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  • Thank you my darling.... I just wanted to show off. I am adding you to friends list, that is if you don't mind? :)
    xdogs, I'm not a member of staff or a mod. I have no idea how to get your membership removed. Try contacting a staff member or moderator.
    Could somebody remove my membership from this forum, please. Don't care if it is one of the haters in chat or you.. just get it done, please.
    Hey Rai,

    Didn't want to keep going OT - but I did want to let you know that your reply regarding "Not everyone believes that the only true APBT is a game APBT" was completely spot on for me. I sometimes have a hard time relating to die hard APBT people because of all the gamebred stuff, so I'm always happy to meet someone who admits there is a world outside that trait.

    I love the APBT and all that it entails and I respect and throughly enjoy learning of breed history. That's all it is for me though, history. I recognize the need for improvement and change and I for one am ready to open a new chapter in APBT development.
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