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Dec 12, 2013
Sep 3, 2010
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Little Dog, from SO FLO

pittbullmommy04 was last seen:
Dec 12, 2013
    1. zara

      I recently adoped a puppy that looks exactly like your profile pic dog. Your pup is gorgeous. I was wondering what type of pit your puppy would be. Our Cocah is quite a handful and I have dedicated 24/7 to her.
    2. luckilylovinlyfe
      just stopping by to say hii happy new year!!
    3. Boxxy002
      hi not sure if you got my post or not but i used to feed my dog Benifical im not sure if i spelt it rt or not but you can get it at k-mart wal mart type stores, It cost about 20 or 25 bucks for 40 bag i think and my dogs seemed to love this food guess it teated good lol and it keep really nice weight on my dogs they seemed fine and healthly but in the summer i had to stop using it because it has corn in it and one of my dogs got hot spots... that dosent happen with all dogs your may or may not be fine but its worth a try!!!
    4. Kane The Great
      Kane The Great
      Thank you very much...yeah I made a debatable post about his color, not sure if you read that yet?
    5. PeytonLove
      Peyton isn't full APBT, we adopted him from the pound so only lord knows what he's mixed with. Personally, we think some lab, some type of pointer/hound and apbt. He will be 6 months on the 14th, and he currently weighs in at 38lbs. Peyton weighed about 20 when he was 4 months so I'm sure she is right on track! :)
    6. pittbullmommy04
      it gets kind of mundane sometimes but most of the time I enjoy it! been home 6 years! next year goin back to work, cause everyone will be in school all day..
    7. rmiracle1008
      thanks! he is 14 weeks as of yesterday! how do you like staying home all day?
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    SO FLO
    married stay at homemom of 4 kids

    beach, reading,animals