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Recent content by PitPop82

  1. PitPop82

    GA ADBA Show 3/27- 3/28 Picture Thread

    Congrats to all who participated, Vaya is looking great Cynthia you and NC must be very proud. Also, NC that mexican feast sounds amazing, like sunday at my grandparents when I was a kid lol.
  2. PitPop82

    Good bsl?

    I would say most people that own dogs of any breed could benefit from a little Owner's Education.
  3. PitPop82

    Damn good song

    I thought that was a pretty funny song.
  4. PitPop82

    Atticus showing off his tricks

    Thanks all for the kind words!
  5. PitPop82

    not only DA but she is VA too!!!!!

    I would be careful if I were you, maybe even consult an animal behaivor specialist. Most cased of VA, if not properly handled, will later lead to aggression problems with all kinds of household appliances. Last thing this breed needs is any more negative publicity, why just yesterday I read a...
  6. PitPop82

    Diesel chillin at the AutoX

    Diesel is looking good, but the pic made me miss San Antonio! Too bad about the corvette driver.
  7. PitPop82

    The APBT(Is This True)

    There also many reasons why an individual dog may bite a human outside of HA. Reasons that can range from lack of proper nutrition, to being in pain, so while some may have been biters it could stand to reason that it may have been more an issue with an individual outside factor, rather than...
  8. PitPop82

    O....Patch O' Pits!

    Happy Birth Day! Cheers!
  9. PitPop82

    To my son...

    RIP little guy. Stay strong momma, I cant imagine what losing a child is like so I wont even pretend to know what to say.
  10. PitPop82

    Pit Bull Shot In Own Backyard By Police

    I like how they threw in that the Pit Bull attacked both the k9 and the officer, when in reaqlity it was most likely only going after the strange dog in its yard. Had it been a truly HA Pit Bull, I doubt the burglars wouldve gotten away. At the same time, why is a Pit Bull in the yard...
  11. PitPop82

    Octomom spurns porn offer, opts for PETA

    A crazy attention grubbing weirdo who had eight babies is going to speak on overpopulation? I think my brain just broke...
  12. PitPop82

    Kong vs everlasting treat ball

    Yep, the big ones. Theyre pricey but worth it imo.
  13. PitPop82

    Atticus showing off some of his tricks

    I almost called him an Ahole which is my token reproach when he tries to do something like eat my phone, but the cameras were rolling and I didnt eant to be accused of animal emotional abuse :lol::lol:
  14. PitPop82

    Atticus showing off some of his tricks

    Good luck! I hope I explained it well, I taught Atticus to do his tricks pretty much on the fly, so there might be different ways of doing it. Still, if I did it then anybody can.
  15. PitPop82

    Our pit bull from Russia

    Good looking dogs, and youre doing a great job with them.