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Last Activity:
Mar 11, 2013
Jun 26, 2008
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February 17


Welcome Waggin, from Michigan

pitgirl17 was last seen:
Mar 11, 2013
    1. kamikaze
      Luv ur profile pic
    2. Vicki
    3. Mollie's Nana
      Mollie's Nana
      :bdaysong: Hope you have a great birthday!!! :)
    4. C-Jay
      that cool
    5. amyhatcher
      Yes I would like his information for sure. Thanks so much!
    6. Vicki
    7. toypitt71
      very cool!!
      I am trying to make it to the Navy pier pet expo!!!
    8. XXX
      if you need anything else feel free to give me a shout
    9. XXX
      Chain spots are fairly easy to set up.... Do you have the equipment or are you looking for an equipment list too? I use a 1/4" chain.. Most folks bury the axles.. I have mine sticking up alittle and use a heavy duty 'O' at the base.. that I drive the axle through.. and use a quick link which I use gorilla glue to keep it locked in place.... then attach a heavy duty swivel to the quick link and to the chain... then another gorilla glued quick link and swivel at the other end.... I have a welded 'O' ring swivel combination.... and then I run the collar through the 'O' ring and around the dog's neck.... and don't use the D ring on the collar at all..... lastly make sure they can get around... not get hung on anything.. and can't wrap around and strangle themselves.
    10. C-Jay
      hello its been a while since i last loged in
    11. toypitt71
      just wanted to say hello
      Hope you have fogiven me for being a dumbass/sticking foot in mouth
      I hope after all this time, we can be friends
      if not, I am still glad to have met you at the pet Expo
    12. Rosco
      hey I am having a hard time figuring this site out. Can you help me with some training my with puppy. He is going to be a year old next month. However, he is starting to jump and bite and eat everythign in the house. More importantly I need to get him to stop jumping and biting. He has so much energy!!!!! Any advice.. can u tell me how to post? Haha thanks!
    13. zagmom
      Great looking dogs and Thanks for the welcome
    14. joshelkins23wv
      yeah no problem ur welcome
    15. scooby000
      Dont be sorry it o.k.
    16. scooby000
      my dog is a male
    17. Turner
      Thank you for the birthday wishes!! :D

      Isn't Boo Radley a character from "To Kill a Mocking Bird"?
    18. YoandO
      Hi! Not sure if you got my last message. just trying to get use to the site. I live in Albany Pk. I just joined becasue I just got low, a 6 month old Pit. Just trying to get as much info as possible.
    19. Krista
      thanks for letting me know. :) Sorry I just saw the message!
    20. Ripley
      Hello! Nice to see someone else from Chicago here!
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    February 17
    Working with and rescuing animals